Why do customer’s abandon their cart? This is the question marketers are constantly combating and eCommerce managers are always looking for ways to save potentially lost sales.  The causes for cart abandonment vary, and continual analysis of this is vital to improve tactics to discourage customers from abandoning their cart.

Bronto, Balance Internet’s latest emailing marketing partner, are standing by the exit door enthusiastically waving customers back into your store by sending customer support reminder emails about a cart’s contents or offering an incentive to come back and complete an order. The Bronto Marketing Platform helps you deliver timely, relevant, data-driven digital marketing that fuels engagement throughout the customer lifecycle and ultimately increase revenue.

The Bronto Extension seamlessly connects with Magento Enterprise, and as a leading Magento Partner, Bronto has been working with Magento to prepare a white paper on the real reasons why customers abandon a cart.

Bronto states, Customers have become more technologically savvy and are no longer simply interacting with a brand’s website and email program. Social networks, mobile devices and various technologies that bridge the online and in-store shopping experiences have increased consumers’ expectations of intuitive technology and made them keenly aware of how technology is used to market to them. High shipping costs, shopper anxiety, technical issues These are the tried and true causes for abandonment that marketers have worked to combat. The truth is that many of your shoppers know they will abandon their orders before they even click add to cart on your product page.

In this study, Bronto go directly to consumers and ask them about their awareness of shopping cart technology, expectations for marketing when they abandon a cart, and if any of this helps them to complete a purchase. Over 1,000 online shoppers were surveyed by Bronto and Magento to truly understand the shopper point of view.

This report will:

– Explain why consumers are abandoning more frequently and how this could be an opportunity for marketers

– Analyse what the consumers want to happen when they abandon a cart and what will annoy them

– Examine key components of the shopping cart and cart abandonment strategies

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