Balance Internet Attends the Online Retailer Conference – Observations and Innovations

The world of ecommerce is constantly moving and changing, and we know as well as anyone that it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. That’s why we attended the Online Retailer conference – Australia’s largest retail technology event. With more than 110 exhibitors, it’s a prime opportunity for anyone with an interest in ecommerce to come together and learn from the best in the community.

We were there to promote the Magento ecommerce platform, and talk about our open source dev house. We met with business leaders, heard updates from digital gurus, and generally got a feel for what’s happening in the market. It was also a great chance to catch up with some of our current clients!

It was a highly worthwhile event, packed with information that will help shape the future of the online retail world.

Here are a few of the observations we took away, and some of the exciting new innovations that are coming up in the ecommerce space.

Shop now, pay later with Afterpay

This new product allows internet shoppers to pay for their purchase in four easy instalments. Buyers simply shop as usual, then choose Afterpay as their payment method at checkout. They’ll receive the item having only paid 25%, and will pay the rest in fortnightly instalments. Afterpay doesn’t charge any interest for their instalment plans, so if clients make their repayments on time, they’ll only ever pay the ticket price of the item. It’s like lay-by for the online world, offering clients great flexibility in terms of payment solutions.

This is great for retailers too, as it gets potential customers to convert immediately, without that worry of “Do I have enough money right now?”

The next frontier in email marketing

The Dotmailer team have come out with a fantastic email marketing automation tool that integrates seamlessly with Magento 1 and 2. They allow you to create personalised messages that are optimised using insight data and behavioural tools. These messages are then sent out to multiple channels and applications using an automation platform, allowing for a 1-2-1 conversation with prospects at scale.

The product is easy enough to use yourself, but has the sophistication of a more complex enterprise product. By taking the stress out of email marketing, retailers will have more time to spend on strategy and testing – important things that move the needle and make cold, hard cash.

We spoke to the founder and president of Dotmailer, Tink Taylor, and he put it simply: “We provide NASA technology but with a Fisher Price interface. We’re the industry anaesthetists. We take the pain away from customers!”

A more fulfilling fulfilment experience

Fulfilment and customer service are two areas of business that are always difficult. However, two companies have come out with products that aim to take the pain out of day-to-day operations.

Around customer service, we normally suggest Zendesk. This is an excellent customer service product with live chat functionality. But there is a newcomer on the scene known as Freshdesk, which looks like it’s a competing product and it could be really interesting. We’re going to stay tuned on this one – and you should too.

Meanwhile, getting the goods out the door is just as important as taking the order – if not more so. The guys at Shippit have a product that allows businesses to create labels easily and efficiently. They do live quotes, live shipping, and quotes for customers during checkout as well.

They started their service to solve the anxiety and frustration faced by consumers in delivery, and achieve that through consistent tracking of goods in transit. Retailers can identify any delays and solve the problem early, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Shippit also makes statuses consistent through all the different carriers, to make it easy for customers to understand. As Rob Hango-Zada, Co Founder of Shippit puts it,“It’s the post-purchase service that’s lacking in the market. It’s about driving better retention through better services.”

Currently working with Harvey Norman and TopShop, among others, Shippit also won an award for best new stand at Online Retailer, making them our go-to pick for the shipping aspect of fulfillment.

Choose Magento 2 and Balance Internet

Traditionally, many retailers have tried to build their own ecommerce platforms, and this has led to rather mixed results. However, things are changing. More and more businesses are electing to invest in established ecommerce platforms – and they are reaping the benefits of working with experienced developers. Reputable vendors have years of experience working with a vast array of clients, and can draw on this to tailor-made solutions to each individual retailer. Plus, they come backed by a wide support network and can provide rapid assistance if anything goes wrong.


We would like to think that the combination of the power of Magento 2 and experience and knowledge of Balance Internet deliver his outcome.

You be the judge.

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