Balance Internet will be presenting a Case Study with Ash Howard, Managing Director, Popultcha at the PESA Internet Conference, May 28th-30th 2014 at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

James and Ash will be speaking on Day 2 of the Conference, 29th May, from 2.45-3.30pm.

“From a Single Store to a Multi Channel Retailer – The Popcultcha Story”

This presentation will showcase Popcultcha’s 20 year history from a single sports and non-sports trading card store in Geelong, Victoria to its current multichannel approach with a wide range of merchandise. We will explore and showcase Popcultcha’s eCommerce store, eBay store and their digital marketing strategy.

Building a successful multichannel eCommerce model.

How site speed and performance drives sales conversion.

Leveraging customer data to build loyalty and sales.

About Ash Howard

Ash Howard is the director of Popcultcha, a pop culture collectables store in Geelong, Victoria. Since moving online, over 40% of their business has been generated overseas. Ash spoke to Australia Post earlier in the year, check out this video! They’ve found a booming market in Brazil and so the team are looking to relocate to those sandy shores to sip on Pina Coladas whilst picking their next Gears of War action figures.

About the PESA Internet Conference: 

Selling online is an evolving dynamic practice; there are many cogs that move and meet together in the process of sourcing products right through to shipping your goods. The cogs frequently change and as an online seller it is difficult to be across every aspect of the online world. The PeSA Internet Conference gives you the chance to hear from the biggest, brightest and best sellers as well as industry partners’ like eBay, Australia Post, PayPal & Magento in 2.5 days of conferencing and networking.

The ability to meet face to face with online peers, leaders of our industry and business partners is not an opportunity one can pass up; missing out on learning more about the online industry is not an option in the fast changing world of online retail.