article_img_post_ImediaHighlights From Imedia May 1-3, 2017

Over 250 thought leaders from Australia’s leading retailers and digital commerce service providers gathered on the Gold Coast this week for the annual imedia eCommerce event.

The Conference Theme was: From Mobile First to Mobile ONLY

Balance Internet has been a regular attendee and supporter of the event over many years and our Director of Customer Success, David Crothers, represented us this year.

Here are just some of the highlights from the local and global keynote presenters:

The Event kicked off with an insightful key note over dinner from Anthony Long, Global eCommerce Technology lead at Kimberly-Clark

Key takeout’s included:

  • Its time to move beyond omni-channel and eliminate channels and merge in-store and online.To do so we need to truly aggregate data from all sources, and allocate sales to the local stores whether they come from online, marketplaces or traditional store.
  • Categories are now about consumers and not product adjacencies. In the physical store categories have been all about adjacencies, now with the consumer in control and the ability to have endless aisles categories need to be customer centric and just similar products. Retailers should look at creating new and innovative isles (online and in-store) that go well beyond traditional product adjacencies.
  • Mobile now plays a role in (almost) every purchase from an SMS reminder to purchase a product to a price check, to finding a physical store or checking opening hours or checking local product availability through to competing the transaction.
  • The key message from Anthony to every attendee was “Every purchase starts with mobile, where it ends depends on you”

Day two commenced with real time “Stump the Strategist” session from the guys at Step Change


While attendees enjoyed breakfast, David Siegel, Strategist, Jeff Cooper, Founding Partner and Glenn Bartlett, Head of Strategy developed strategies to solve retailer challenges including:

  • How retailers can transition from physical catalogues to online catalogues and generate similar or superior engagement and sales.
  • How retailers can compete with and benefit best from the imminent arrival of Amazon
  • How to engage “C-suite” executives to fully sponsor digital transformation

The guys brainstormed some very engaging and innovative strategies in the space of just 30 minutes.

Eve Henrikson, Online Trading Director from Tesco shared some amazing facts about the size and scale of Tesco and trends that are driving their business.
Tesco’s online business is geared to manage an amazing 66 transactions each second and empowers consumers with the ability to order up to 3 weeks in advance down to items for same day delivery or pickup.

Key trends presented by Eve Henrikson, included:

  • The types of usage across multiple devices are blurring
  • The lines are blurring between work or business and social
  • Off-line and on-line are merging
  • Customer demand for relevance and personalisation is rapidly increasing
  • The mobile is now central to everyday live – on average we check our mobile 115 times and spend 117 minutes using it each day
  • 82% of people use their mobile when shopping
  • 90% of people use multiple screens sequentially
  • Mobile has already overtaken tablet for orders and is about to overtake desktop
  • The opportunity for “conversational commerce” using IFTTT – “If this then that” technology to prompt purchase
  • Eve also presented some great insights for UX and UI mobile design to optimise the experience and conversion

Purna Virji, Global Evangelist and Senior Trainer Manager from Microsoft presented some future innovations in retailing.
Purna set the scene with a quote from Gartner Research “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human”, Including:

  • Drones that hover inside stores – above shelves to check inventory and availability.
  • Beacons to capture customer data and enhance the shopping experience
  • Digital Signage
  • Smart Mirrors
  • Inventory trackers
  • Virtual and augmented reality innovations in online shopping
  • Mixed reality
  • Virtual stores
  • Holograms
  • The power of “voice search” over “text search” – “Mobile voice search is 3 times more likely to be local-based than text search”

Other highly informative sessions were delivered by Tink Taylor from DotMailer, Martin Newman, Executive Chairman from Practicology, John Stuckey, Managing Director, Mobile Digital, Dan Ferguson, Marketing Director from TradeMe, and Justus Wilde, Chief Technology Officer, who introduced the audience to the recently launched MyMM China marketplace for premium brands.

We would be delighted to expand on any of these or other sessions delivered at imedia.

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