Balance Internet is proud to launch the iPad and tablet themes of Forty Winks.

Balance Internet launched the redesigned Forty Winks desktop website in July as part of a large branding exercise that has taken place over 2013.  Forty Winks upgraded to Magento Enterprise 1.13 as well as updating and modernizing their website design. The design work for the desktop started in November 2012, and build began in the beginning of 2013. An iPad and tablet optimized theme were the next steps in a complete redesign.

The focus of the theme was to optimize the navigation and browsing for €œcouch commerce,€ one of the biggest trends in the ecommerce landscape of 2013. The freedom to browse from your couch conveniently on a tablet or an iPad has provided retailers with a new period of the day to obtain sales, the late night shoppers. For a client such as Forty Winks, who partake in large TV campaigns placed in the TV viewing peak time of early evening to late evening, being able to reach the couch commerce customer in an efficient, optimized and appealing manner is an essential part their digital strategy.

It is predicted that by 2015 more web users will access the Internet through mobile devices than by using personal computers. 2015 is only 2 years away and obviously in order for this to come true, the trend between now and then is UP.  Think about it. How many times have you gone to a website from your smart phone only to realize it’s clunky and you cannot navigate through the site easily? How long do you stay on that website? How often do you return? Using that same philosophy, now think about what tablet users will do if they hit your website and it’s not tablet ready.

The Forty Winks iPad theme contains all elements from the desktop version, with an optimized navigation for iPad and Tablets. The left side retracting and expanding navigation enabled the design to utilize as much space as possible on the homepage; without losing the possibility to quickly visit another page/category. The cart was simplified and checkout highlighted to enable a smoother process at checkout. The unique element of selecting your nearest store is a major feature of Forty Winks website therefore, this was kept to the top of the navigation. In addition to optimizing the header and top navigation; the footer was also optimized and now has expand and retract functionality. The live chat call to action was left in the corner to make sure that assistance was available at all times.