Balance Internet have proudly launched ProSupply for Provision this week, another successful B2B solution on the Magento Platform.

Balance Internet developed ProSupply as a B2B solution for ProVision, an Australian owned and operated optometrist supplier. This solution streamlines the user experience in revolutionary ways to ensure purchasing and searching for products is efficient and effective in various ways.

Here are some of the great features of this Magento development:

  • Only ProVision registered Optometrists have access to purchase goods from the ProSupply Website
  • Optometrists can run the shop under a guest mode for their customers to browse the catalog at their practices with no access to product pricing or purchasing.
  • Two order types have been developed to cater for ProVision’s requirements; items can be purchased directly from a product page individually or stock orders can be made from the cart page. Both of these order types can be made at any time without interrupting each other.
  • There is no checkout. Order’s placed on the ProSupply solution is developed in a way which removes the requirement for a checkout. Making orders extremely easy to place for optometrists.

ProSupply is a great example of innovation with Magento by customising a solution to the needs of a business. We have achieved some great results by adding efficiency and reducing functionality where required.

For more information about using the Magento Platform for your B2B solution do not miss Balance Internet’s webinar with Magento about optimising Magento for B2B solutions.

Optimising Magento for B2B

Aug 8, 2013 | 9:00am EST

Are you looking to use Magento for your B2B needs? Many manufactures, whole sellers and retailers are now looking to extend Magento’s business to business (B2B) functionality. Balance Internet has been working with a number of these business in the Australian market customising Magento and integrating third party systems into their solution architecture. This webinar will outline five things you need to consider when under taking a B2B project using Magento

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Balance Internet have built B2B solutions for numerous retailers and wholesalers wanting to transact and build relationships with their trade customers and extend their contract or tiered pricing structures.  For more information contact Balance Internet today!