Balance Internet is proud to announce the launch of two redesigned and refreshed Magento Enterprise eCommerce websites for Weatherbeeta UK and USA with updated branding, an updated look and a new tool to help horse owners find their ideal horse rug.

To tie in with the launch of their new branding and winter product range, Weatherbeeta worked with Balance Internet to create a tool allowing horse owners to find the perfect rug for their horse based on its personality.

The horse personality project is an addon to the Weatherbeeta sites, that helps customers via a questionnaire to determine what personality their horse could be, including:

  • Friendly – A quiet natured horse that is gently on their rugs

  • Houdini – A horse that somehow manages to always escape from their rug

  • Wrecker – A strong willed horse that manages to destroy their rugs regularly

The tool matches a customers horses personality with the ideal Weatherbeeta rug range and familiarises customers with the rug options available from Weatherbeeta. The Weatherbeeta USA version extends the tool to feature the ability to narrow your choices even further to find the exact recommended rug for the horse based on their history of rugs, price ranges and environmental factors.

In addition to the online horse personality tool an offline version was developed to reside in retail locations throughout the USA and UK. Due to limited internet access in remote locations in these countries the tool was adapted to a purely offline (HTML, JS, CSS) solution that could be run from Android tablets to help customers find the right rug while in store.

Find out what personality your horse is here: