The team at Balance Internet would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The Balance Internet office will be open for business as usual minus the standard public holidays and Friday December 27th.

The 2013 Christmas Shopping season is almost at its end and online retailers need to capture every possible sale before shoppers go into retail hibernation in the summer months. To help spur late Christmas season sales, consider sending email messages and social media posts aimed at overcoming shipping costs, offering discounts, and building lasting customer relationships to collect those final sales prior to Christmas. Timely email marketing messages that address customer concerns, appeal to a shopper’s sense of value, or just seek to make lasting relationships may help ecommerce stores capture those final sales over the next week. Here are Balance Internet’s four tips!

  1. Promote that it is the last chance for free shipping or a hold a free shipping day.
  2. Last chance for any online order ” allow your customers to understand what the final day that you can guarantee a pre-Christmas arrival of their purchase. There will be some procrastinating shoppers who will simply need to get a gift to some family member or friend at the last possible moment. For these very last minute shoppers, send an email letting them know when is the last possible day they can send a package straight to a loved one, or directly to themselves.
  3. After Christmas Clearance before Christmas ” start your Boxing Day sale early online!
  4. Happy Holidays – Finally, on December 23 or 24, send a simple, non-sales related holiday message that is personal and heartfelt. Experience shows that this final Christmas greeting may serve two purposes for online retailers. Firstly, a genuine holiday greeting is likely to build a lasting relationship with some shoppers. Secondly, it may also encourage last minute shoppers to choose your store, reminding them to check out your ecommerce store.