In late July Adobe released the latest version of Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source to provide its merchants with capabilities to help them capture new opportunities in the current commerce landscape whilst preparing for the future. Here’s our recap of the key highlights:

Purchase approval workflow

To quickly ramp up B2B commerce sales, businesses need to be able to support their customers’ varying purchasing policies and requirements. New approval workflow functionality included in Magento 2.4 enables B2B buying companies to customise and streamline their approval processes using a simple form to self-service their needs.

Seller-assisted shopping

To smooth the transition to digital commerce, B2B companies must be able to guide and assist their customers as they utilise new online purchasing and account management capabilities. New seller-assisted shopping functionality empowers merchants to improve customer engagement and deliver exceptional service by allowing sales or customer service reps to log into their websites as the customer from the Magento Admin. Having access to the buyer’s experience enables the rep to support them in multiple ways such as live-troubleshooting, creating orders on a customers behalf and more.

In-store pickup

Never has there been a time when contactless pick up is in such demand. With In-Store Pick Up in Inventory Management (formerly Multi-Source Inventory, or MSI), merchants can easily select which physical inventory locations are eligible as a customer pickup location. During checkout, customers can find a location near them and view essential information such as store hours. Once orders have been placed, store associates can notify them when their orders are ready for pickup with a single click. Furthermore, this can be adapted for curbside pickup, which has become the preferred way for many shoppers to pick up their purchases and minimise health risks. This feature is available in both Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source versions.

Asset management in the new media gallery

A completely rebuilt Media Gallery performs up to 30 times faster and showcases a strengthened integration with Adobe Stock. The new and improved Media Gallery reinvents Magento asset management, saving time and resources.

Making headless and PWA development faster and easier

Concurrently, with Magento 2.4, Magento has released the latest version of its PWA Studio for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source, which introduces new Venia storefront experiences built using Page Builder content types, and a complete cart and checkout workflow to accelerate implementations. 

They’ve also introduced an extensibility framework to make it easier to customise and extend the capabilities of PWA Studio, both through custom development and apps in the Magento Marketplace.

Platform security, quality and performance

Among all of the changes to shopper behaviour in the current climate, along with merchant needs, some things remain the same. Shoppers continue to expect – and merchants continue to prioritise – an experience that is secure, fast, and reliable. The release of Magento 2.4 includes several enhancements to platform quality, security, and performance. Highlights include 2FA (two-factor authentication) for all admin users, scalability improvements and faster cart performance to name a few.

For more information about the release, review the release notes and visit the security bulletins to learn more about the features and security updates included in the new version. As always with new releases, please reach out to our team for a discussion about how 2.4 could accelerate your business.

For more information about the release highlights, view the announcement article here 

So what does this mean?

In a nutshell, the latest version of Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source is geared to provide merchants with capabilities to help them capture new opportunities in the current eCommerce landscape and prepare for the future.

At Balance Internet, we want to help you harness the power of Magento 2.4. We understand how it can impact your business, and we want to talk to you about it. Talk to us today.

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