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The LAST conference is an annual event held in 3 cities around Australia: Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. It is a cross functional conference attended by a large group of people from the software development industry along with anyone who is generally interested in everything that “LAST” stands for, which is: Lean, Agile, System, Thinking.

The conference spans 2 days and comprises a series of talks, case studies, games or workshops that run in 8 concurrent streams . The diverse range of speakers come from Product Management, Software Development, and Marketing services, plus other practitioners and coaches who specialise in Lean and Agile methodologies. .

The focus of the conference is on how everyone can do their jobs better utilising Lean and agile systems and thinking

I was lucky enough to not only attend the conference but to present on the topic: Agile on a fixed budget

agile-on-a-fixed-budget-2SnippetI was selected as there are many agencies running projects on fixed budgets and my proposed talk was focused on transforming to an agile environment when you were running waterfall projects.
I presented my experiences from the past, coming from a pure agile agency consultancy into a business in transformation from waterfall to agile.

The key points of my presentation included:

  • Transitioning from agile into waterfall
  • Why clients find it hard to understand agile Experiences, processes, and tricks used in our projects
  • How to keep a client happy in an agile environment

Learning Outcome included:

  • Efficient ways to work with clients that require a waterfall approach when you want to deliver in an agile environment.
  • Tools and techniques you can use for your projects that require typical waterfall approaches

As this was my first LAST conference it was interesting to gain insights and an understanding from other professionals in the industry. The broad range of topics and parallel sessions was a great way of running a conference to learn about the different areas of the lean system thinking processes from many different angles.

From an agency’s perspective there were heaps of takeaways on how we can work better internally and with our clients to make our projects more successful for us and our clients.

Some of the main learning’s for me were around working with clients as partners with “one-team” approach on a project.

Some mentionable talks:

  • Keynote Speaker: Peter Senge (Author of The Fifth Discipline)
  • Miles Jordan (REA Group): The hallmarks of successful teams
  • Mark Barber, Simon Bristow (MYOB): Lean change at MYOB
  • Bruce Taylor: Collaborating and Improving on remote teams
  • Josh Centner: Influencing: The secret to successful Product Owners Managers

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Sebastian Klett
Solution Architect – Balance Internet