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Blog - image - AkeneoarevisitingAkeneo PIM have announced they are visiting the Balance Internet team on November 20th!

What is a PIM and why is this important to your business?

Product Information Management (PIM) is a system that works to harmonise and simplify all your product information into a single location. Considered by many as a key piece of infrastructure in their eCommerce business, a PIM helps you organise products, attributes, technical and marketing information across numerous teams and suppliers to create beautifully consistent product content across all your channels.

What does this mean?

Product data is one of the key influencers of conversion, and it’s important to get the data management process right. Managing large data sets manually is time-consuming and error prone, not to mention tedious. Every time excel unexpectedly shuts down, a product manager somewhere holds their breath and hopes all their changes were saved in time. Consider updating your process here, so your teams can focus on the rest of their work and stop their spreadsheet nightmares.

Say goodbye to struggles with archaic and complex systems to get the job done.

Balance Internet’s PIM experience

Here at Balance, we’ve seen numerous PIM’s and integrated all of them into Magento. In particular, we’ve worked with Akeneo and if this is your first foray into PIM territory, Akeneo is a great place to start!

Who are Akeneo?

Founded over 10 years ago, Akeneo sought to help brands grow their online business by focusing on product enhancement. Akeneo believe that products are the most important assets in a company and many merchants lacked a tool to help them manage and leverage these crucial assets. They took things one step further and considered the technical requirements, so they made Akeneo open source – a system that easily integrates with any third party application, including Magento.

With Akeneo 2.0 released just a week ago, we’re excited to play with the enhanced UI and check out the new technical additions.

Want to learn more and meet with Akeneo?

Akeneo will be with Balance Internet team for the week of November 20th and are hosting an informative dinner on Tuesday 21st, November in Melbourne.

Contact us or call us on 1300 624 368 to organise a demonstration

For more information about our dinner discussing everything you need to know about product data management,  contact [email protected]