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Optimise your customers shopping experience with the open-source functionality and awesome scalability of the next generation of eCommerce platform Magento 2.0 coupled with the powerful productivity of an Australia Post integration. Offering an intelligent shipping platform for thousands of online merchants Australia wide, this dynamic combination can create multiple delivery options ensuring an unrivalled end-user interaction.


Did you know that expensive shipping is one of the main causes of an abandoned shopping cart? And conversely if postage and shipping costs are underestimated it can negatively impact the profitability of your store, particularly for low-margin, high volume retailers. Efficient and transparent shipping and postage are a vital component to the ongoing viability and ROI for every eCommerce webstore that offers the sale of physical goods.


From the automation of shipping rates to satchel services and more, the Australia Post and it’s partner Startrack handles both letters and parcels with calculated ease. Developed to complement your service offering to the consumer, the Australia Post shipping functionality ensures an efficient, flexible and superior online retail experience for both the merchant and end-user with delivery to both domestic and global destinations. The platform is just the beginning so let’s investigate the Australia Post extension and how your Magento 2.0 store will benefit.

Australia Post Extension Merchant Benefits                                                                     

  • Eliminates the need to manually enter rates
  • The extension will automatically compute the appropriate rates and calculate the shipping charge according to configuration
  • Delivers exact calculation of rates, as they are simultaneously updated via Australia Post
  • Reduces the occurrence of computation errors as shipping costs are charged in accordance with the dimension and weight of product
  • Australia Post provides merchant with relevant API

Consumer Benefit

  • A variety of transparent postage and shipping options for both letters and parcels delivered domestically and internationally
  • Guides the consumer to the appropriate shipping charge as they select the correct shipping service
  • A seamless, clean, user friendly, interface
  • A quicker more efficient postage and shipping process

Developed and brought to market in February 2016, the Australia Post extension had previously proven a resourceful and efficient addition to the shopping cart and check out process for thousands of Magento 1 merchants worldwide. Available very near to the publishing of this blog for Magento 2.0 the integration combines unlimited flexibility with the reach and expertise of Australia’s national postal specialists.

Highlighted Features:

  • As admin you can set default length, width and height to be automatically incorporated for all parcels and letters
  • All shipping rates update concurrently with real time Australia post rates
  • As admin you have access to ‘Universal Configurations, ‘Product Configurations’ and ‘Package Type’ to customise your shipping and postage services
  • Select shipping services for both parcels and letters clearly documents the correct postage necessary to complete the transaction
  • Only enabled services will be visible from the front end

The Australia Post Magento integration presents a formidable combination of services in which to grow your business, extend your reach and respond with shipping options that fully inform the consumer as they purchase from your Magento 2.0 online store.

I recently saw Ben Franzi the General Manager eCommerce Platforms and Marketplaces at Australia Post do a talk at the iMedia Summit.

Ben is an expert in ecommerce and the online retail industry with a detailed understanding of industry trends and growth areas, domestically and internationally. In his current role, Ben is responsible for the developing and integrating with eCommerce platforms and marketplaces to drive volume for eCommerce buyers and sellers. Key areas of focus include building new eCommerce marketplaces and platforms, helping Australian merchants sell overseas and developing innovative ecommerce tools to help businesses grow.

His talk had some awesome slides check out my tweets @jamesdhorne as I posted a few during his session

@jamesdhorne tweet
Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 4.10.43 pm

To provide the optimal shopping cart and shipping service to your customers, call Australia’s leading Magento Agency, Balance Internet today to learn more about the Australia Post Magento integration. Contact us on 1300 624 368.