Alex Lawson

Traditionally, you might have associated loyalty and rewards programs with a classic B2C business model. But today, loyalty and rewards programs within the B2B landscape are a key part of any leading digital transformation, and we’re not talking about a flat 10% off for all customers.

Consider each of your stakeholders and their needs. How can your loyalty and rewards program help them perform their job better? Consider: product upgrades, early access to new features, discounts, gift cards, branded materials (stationery, clothing, toys), personalised gifts, customised training, invitations to exclusive online warehouse sale events. 

To take it to the next level, merchants should focus on the ways that they can add customer advocacy into the mix. Think bigger than retention. You want more than a customer that just comes back — as a business, you want a customer to be so engaged with your brand that they will advocate for you.

Creating advocate customers as a B2B business is no small task, you’ll need to use the functionality of the platform to create an outstanding customer experience as a part of your loyalty program. Certain B2B features such as quick ordering, easy repeat ordering, requisition lists, and self-service merchant portals, combined with actual rewards i.e. offers, discounts, invites and unlocking tiered incentives can be your competitive advantage to creating advocacy for your B2B business.

Here are our 10 key B2B customer-centric platform features: 

  1. Personalised B2B onboarding programs
  2. Self-service B2B merchant portals
  3. Quick ordering: upload file, order by SKU or MPN
  4. Requisition lists
  5. Punch out purchasing
  6. B2B referral programs
  7. Incentivised loyalty program / tier incentives
  8. OCI (Open catalog interface) / EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration
  9. Single sign on (SSO) for company users
  10. Easy reordering functionality for past orders 

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