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As the most experienced Magento Enterprise Partner in the Asia-Pacific Region – and Magento’s foundation Gold Partner in Australia – Balance Internet delivers successful ecommerce solutions for a wide range of companies. With exclusive access to Magento’s top resources and technologies, we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips that we use to create functional ecommerce websites that really deliver.

Balance Internet was excited to attend this year’s MagentoLive event, which played out over two days earlier this month. Staged annually in locations around the globe, this was the third MagentoLive to take place in Australia, and saw some of the world’s foremost ecommerce experts gather to offer their industry knowledge and predictions.

With the agenda set for two days of industry learning, networking and innovation,  we came away with renewed vigour and a wealth of insights that will sustain our clients’ digital future. From meeting with web designers and tech experts, to hearing from system integrators and innovators, MagentoLive Australia 2016 delivered key learnings into the ever-changing world of ecommerce.

Magento 2: The acceleration switch for eCommerce

As one of the leading open source eCommerce platforms in Australia and globally, Magento is an easy-to-use flexible application that allows merchants to create a website that suits their needs. They have complete control over how the site looks, and plug-ins and extensions can be added to further enhance functionality.

With the innovative Magento 2, the company looks set to continue its domination in the eCommerce sector globally, as further add-ons and extensions have been developed to offer increased benefits. This is in addition to the quality marketing, SEO and catalogue-management tools already in place, which means our clients stand to reap even more benefits for their businesses.

The future of eCommerce is brimming with potential and Magento 2 is the platform that looks set to take businesses worldwide into the future.

Ecommerce trends as Magento moves forward

Having attended a broad range of sessions and events during the MagentoLive event, we came away buzzing about key trends in the eCommerce sector.

Firstly, now that Magento has acquired RJMetrics, we can look forward to improved data insights as the platform expands to include this exciting new feature. After simple set-up, merchants can quickly gain access to a goldmine of advanced data generated by RJMetrics, including information on customer behaviour, acquisition of their customers, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Such knowledge, of course, will ultimately allow our online retailers to adapt their sales funnels, campaigns and business strategies, driving conversion and sales and allowing a clear path to increase ROI.

Meanwhile, with the Magento Commerce Order Management feature, customers are ensured a fully personalised shopping experience when they visit your ecommerce site. All of their orders and information can be easily accessed in one central location, making it incredibly user-friendly and pivotal in increasing conversion rates.

Another exciting innovation is the Magneto Enterprise Cloud, which will look after all your security and upgrades efficiently and effectively. With the Magento 2 Cloud platform, you can enjoy all the benefits of superior technology without the stress of managing it yourself. Perfect for licensing and scaling businesses, the cloud is something every eCommerce business should be looking into.

Key tools your online business needs to know about

One of the great things about MagentoLive events is learning about the new eCommerce tools that are in development or just being launched, and this year’s event was no exception. The three innovations I’ve already been mentioned – RJMetrics, Magento OMS and Magento 2 Cloud – are going to have a dramatic impact on the eCommerce world. Online businesses should look into these new technologies further to find out how they can optimise their offering and maximise their sales.

Meanwhile, Magento’s new partnership with Adobe ensures that merchants can provide a very user-friendly and personalised retail experience for their customers. The result? Enhanced content management that delivers on multiple levels.

Our partnership with Magento

Through our ongoing partnership with Magento, we have direct access to a wealth of eCommerce technology, which is fed back to the retailers and businesses that we work with.

As Magento continues to grow and flourish in the world of eCommerce on a global scale, we will ultimately deliver stronger and more resourceful solutions to our clients. The result is innovative new technology that will deliver measurable business success in an online environment – helping you advance your online marketplace well into the future and increase your bottom line.

To find out more about how Magento can improve your online business contact us or call us on 1300 624 368