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Balance Internet, Braintree and dotmailer are giants in our fields, so it was a fantastic opportunity for us all to get together at Matteo’s restaurant in Fitzroy, Melbourne to discuss the latest trends in conversion optimisation for ecommerce and online retail. E-commerce managers, online marketing executives and managing directors across the fashion and homewares industries joined in the open forum dinner event, allowing us to reach out to a broad spectrum of new and existing customers.

While we dined on Matteo’s world-class food and fine wine, our Managing Director, James Home, and our Braintree and dotmailer partners ran an informal Q&A regarding all things marketing automation and payment security within the e-commerce market. The core of our discussion was how to increase sales conversion.

A little more about Braintree

Braintree is the preferred payment gateway for all Magento 2 builds, creating an easy-to-integrate out-of-the-box extension for e-commerce businesses to accept online or mobile phone app payments. For Balance Internet clients, efficiently implementing Braintree’s innovative products allows for optimised conversion without compromising on payment security.

Things to know about dotmailer

dotmailer is a Magento premier technology partner, and we are proud to be one of the first qualified dotmailer Solutions partners in Australia. With native integration to Magento, dotmailer provides a simple way to transform your customer data into marketable and actionable insights, increasing conversion through in-depth knowledge of the customer and their behaviour. Our clients have discovered numerous benefits to using dotmailer – most significantly, their customers receive more personalised and relevant marketing communications, building a relationship of trust between the brand and the user.

Key learnings – Crank up the conversion rate

As a result of our dinner event, we took away some key points regarding the current state of online and email marketing, as well as the safety and security of online and mobile app payments.

Email marketing is not dead

These days, people are attached to their smartphones as if they were an extra limb. This is great news from an email marketing perspective, as customers have more access to their emails.

However, according to Tink Taylor (dotmailer founder), while email marketing has become reinvigorated in recent years, the fact remains that effective automated email marketing still requires a methodical review of your customer data to ensure sales conversion. Looking at just your open rates and technical data, while useful, won’t give you the complete picture. Rather, check the monthly and annual aggregate conversions to get a better idea of how your customers are engaging with your marketing strategies. As your business continues to plan and develop campaigns, you can test their efficacy and learn from failures to ensure your marketing remains relevant to your customers’ needs.

A more dynamic approach to automated email marketing is segmenting your customers based on the data you’ve collected. Harness the power of your data by sending more personalised and unique content to the correct segments of your base, and the benefits will be identified quickly. This will lead to immediate and significant lifts in conversion.

The importance of PCI compliance

PCI compliance is essential to online retail. Having a mobile checkout and payment experience that’s simple and straightforward for customers to use is critical in boosting those all-important conversion rates. By integrating Braintree’s innovative, safe and streamlined products with the ease of PayPal’s world-renowned platform, e-commerce businesses will be providing their users and customers with an uncomplicated and enjoyable process. Money can be exchanged quickly, simply, and most importantly, with trustworthy data protection. Security builds trust and trust helps conversion.

Shopping cart conversion must-dos

During our Q&A session, our partners at Braintree outlined several useful tips for e-commerce business owners on how to close the gap between customers just browsing an online store, and converting that window shopping into an actual purchase.

Purchases on mobile devices have increased dramatically, so online retailers need to make sure they’re on top of the trend. Understanding your customers, users, and the market, and knowing which payment types they’re most likely to use is an important step in creating a smooth and effortless payment process. Likewise, optimising payment UX by device, rather than simply having a blanket payment system, is crucial. This is particularly the case when it comes to ironing out the unique quirks that mobile devices pose, as they differ greatly from other devices.

User experience is always important, and the best way to convert a browse into a sale is to reduce anything that may block your customer’s path to making their purchase. Having a simplified process of providing credit card details and shipping information helps to speed up the process, and altering outdated field validations and drop-down selection boxes will make for a more modern and efficient checkout procedure.

Ecommerce merchants should consider stripping back and simplifying the checkout page for efficient useability. This in turn will drive conversion, and optimise sales potential through effective abandoned cart marketing. They also suggest providing relevant and inspirational automated marketing emails that focus on customer care above sales and discounts.

Fraud security is, of course, essential – but Braintree suggests that this should be invisible whenever possible. Your customers need to feel safe, but don’t need to be reminded of the risks of online shopping at every turn. If your fraud protection is too heavy it can adversely effect conversion.

The keys to automated marketing success

dotmailer are the experts when it comes to targeted and effective automated email marketing, and during our dinner event, they shared some useful insights on how to harness the power of online marketing.

Automated marketing is more than just sending out scheduled emails to an entire customer base, and it is more powerful than ever with mobile use increasing readily available email access. Clients need to be engaged with meaningful content that’s relevant to them, so focusing content on customer service first – before going into any cross-selling – is important for a successful campaign.

Customers should be informed, educated, and inspired by your automated emails. So before you start selling or offering discounts to your users, build a relationship of trust, and be sure your marketing content covers these factors.

Innovation for the future

It’s said that innovation is the key to success. With technological advancements consistently driving markets across all industries, keeping on top of trends is crucial to continuing to provide relevant marketing and payment processing for customers. Integrating partners like Braintree and dotmailer into Magento’s seamless platform has helped the team at Balance Internet propel our 50 Retail Clients in Australia into new and exciting areas. It also delivers immediate ROI by increasing conversion rates.

Overall, our trusted Braintree and dotmailer partners shared some fantastic insights with us during our dinner event, with many useful and actionable tips to get the most out of online retail sales opportunities.

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