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edm_main_banner_900px_Dinner_Braintree_BulletProofHere at Balance Internet, we work with a wide range of businesses, helping retailers manage their eCommerce sites more effectively and efficiently. We do everything we can to keep up to date with the latest innovations and market trends, so we can make sure our clients are always getting the very best from our team.

To help with all of this, it’s good to talk regularly with our clients, to get a handle on the issues that concern them. What challenges are they facing? What could make their lives easier? How can we ensure we’re delivering top-notch services that continue to meet their needs?

Ecommerce on the menu…

At a recent networking dinner hosted alongside our partners Bulletproof and Braintree, we got chatting to a variety of local retailers, some of whom we’ve worked with over the years and some of whom are newer clients. Based in NSW and across Queensland, all of these businesses experience similar challenges when it comes to their eCommerce infrastructure and security.

Of course, these issues – particularly that of security – can be difficult to discuss in public. Our business dinners offer a safe and relaxed environment where we can talk about these challenges in more detail.

The best way to deal with security concerns around your eCommerce site is to utilise a reliable online system that is based on up-to-date technology. By investing in something proven and professional upfront, retailers can enjoy better peace of mind when it comes to taking online payments through their eCommerce site.

A leading payment gateway and ecommerce hosting provider will ultimately put you, as an online retailer, in a much stronger position. This will allow your business to grow safely into the future.

Bulletproof and Braintree in a nutshell

Our partnership with Bulletproof allows us to deliver quality hosting and infrastructure services to retailers. As Australia’s leading end-to-end mission critical Cloud Services and Managed Services Provider, Bulletproof has built up a solid reputation within the industry. They offer 24/7 support, along with a professional consult and delivery service, working with AWS, VMware and Hybrid systems.

What’s more, with online and mobile payments playing a huge role in the eCommerce experience, Braintree is invaluable in streamlining online retailers’ payment gateway functionality.

As we discussed over dinner with our retailers, the great thing about these eCommerce systems is that they offer both protection and speedier services for online businesses. Bulletproof, for example, provides merchants with custom-made infrastructures that are completely unique to their business.

Every factor is analysed by their specialist team, from the platform that retailer uses to current and future web traffic and other variables. The data is then used to deliver a tailor-made system that ensures the most efficient performance.

Meanwhile, the site is constantly monitored, so retailers can have peace of mind that the professionals are always looking at ways to enhance performance and ensure the best experience for users. After all, site speed equals conversion, and these guys will do their utmost to make your site as speedy as possible.

The key takeaway from all of this is that with Bulletproof and Braintree, you have everything you need to ensure an eCommerce website that’s working for both you and your customers. If you want a successful eCommerce business, it’s essential to have a robust infrastructure in place and a secure and efficient payment gateway. You get all this and more with both of these systems.

Ecommerce innovations: what we learned

We also spent time talking about current innovations and what to look out for next. What’s just been launched, and what could be – or should be – incorporated into what we’re doing now?

What’s really making a big difference to online retailers at the moment is the ‘buy now pay later’ trend. Offering customers the option to buy and pay in instalments is really driving businesses forward. It’s the virtual version of a credit card and it’s pushing sales up and up.

Similarly, we talked about how tokenisation is streamlining the customer experience, and in turn, positively impacting conversion rates. Saving customers’ card details on the merchant’s site ultimately cuts down time when customers return, making the pathway to purchase hassle-free.

PCI compliance also got people talking, and the reality is that most businesses don’t fully understand how it works. But if you’re taking online payments, it’s crucial that you ensure your business is complying with the standards set to protect your customers’ data.

After all, would you buy from an unsecure site?

That’s a wrap…

We left the dinner with lots of food for thought. However, there’s no doubt that Braintree and Bulletproof are leading the way in eCommerce solutions. They’ve worked hard to become specialists in this field on a global scale, which is why when it comes to top-quality, flexible solutions for eCommerce clients, these guys have it nailed.

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