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Beacon Lighting products are now available on eBay, since Balance Internet launched their eBay Marketplace in June 2015.

The Beacon Lighting eBay store aims to engage with a new customer base and provide seamless customer service.

Beacon lighting ebay

What was involved:

  • Development of eBay storefront
  • M2EPro Installation and Configuration
  • eBay / M2EPro training
  • Integration considerations

Main Features:

  • Ability to manage products within Magento and push them to eBay
  • Responsive listing templates
  • Integration of orders from eBay into their ERP

Beacon Lighting can now seamlessly list products that are already in their Magento site into another channel (eBay). Purchases also filter back through Magento into their ERP so the customer service team has full visibility over all web orders.

Project Outcome

Beacon Lighting now have over 1000 products listed on eBay for sale and are continually working on their strategy and data integrity to ensure they drive great outcomes from their eBay store.

To check out Beacon Lighting’s eBay store please follow the link