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Early in September, Balance Internet, dotmailer and Braintree hosted an intimate dinner with a group of retailers to discuss fraud prevention and marketing automation leading into Christmas. The fraud portion of the evening was covered off HERE and today we’ll be looking into marketing automation.

James Horne, Director of Strategy at Balance Internet, Andrew Howgate, Digital Strategist at Balance Internet and Rohan Lock, Regional Director, APAC at dotmailer discussed marketing automation strategies around the Christmas season and provided some key tips as we approach this crazy trading period.

When planning for Christmas, strategy is a must. Did you know email is the most used app on mobile? Food for thought when considering how you’re approaching your audience. Moving into this crazy time of year, there are a few key takeaways and some rules you can bend.

Batch and blasting as a concept is generally frowned upon, as Rohan Lock confirmed “…stop doing it. Just stop.” Sending personalised emails is definitely preferred. Utilise your browser data effectively and create content that resonates with the way your users are behaving. Say hello to your new browsers, follow up and check in on how they’re going. Make. It. Real.

As you move into hectic periods of trade, lifting your generalised cadence is an acceptable move forward. Especially around abandoned cart and gift card reminders, as consumers are in a positive state of mind and are more likely to respond. Statistics show that when shopping for others, customers are likely to spend twice as long in the research phase of their shopping cycle, so use this time to interact with them and show off your brand and product.

Rely on FOMO (fear of missing out) – highlight delivery cut offs, best sellers and last of stock. Integrating user statistics to create engagement is important, and remember to optimise sends based on when you know your customers are shopping with you. Consider more personalised segmentation and approach your VIPs and newest members differently.

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