Guest contributor

How to Succeed at Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce is our recently released whitepaper. Each chapter of the whitepaper features insights from industry experts. This feature from Nick Hull, Commerce Account Executive at Adobe, tackles the complexities facing customer experience in B2B transactional commerce. 

“When crafting new commerce experiences with B2B organisations, I often find they quickly gravitate toward focusing on specific functions or how a solution will fit existing legacy systems and processes. While this is certainly important, it is a fundamentally insular and non-customer centric approach.

I’m sure I don’t need to sing the praises for going customer first. Many empirical studies have proven that a customer-first approach pays dividends — being critical to maximising sales, profit and ROI.

While this approach is now the norm in the B2C world, it’s often missed when working in B2B commerce, which is a mistake. Today’s business buyers are consumers in their daily lives and their expectations of your digital experience are influenced and informed by the best digital experiences they have as consumers. They are increasingly digital natives: Generation Z is set to be almost 30% of the workforce by 2025, with generation Alpha not far behind.

Without great CX you won’t get adoption of the solution. B2B is all about making the buyer’s experience — and by extension, the buyer’s life — easier. Adoption is a key KPI measured for a new B2B solution — we want as many people using digital ordering channels as possible to realise the value of lower cost per sale, higher average order value and generally high orders per customer. To maximise adoption we need to ensure that we deliver on a great ordering experience through digital channels that makes them as convenient and simple as we can”.

Enjoyed Nick’s expert opinion? Read the full Customer Experience (CX) chapter from the B2B whitepaper: ‘How to Succeed at Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce’ here: download the whitepaper.