Alex Lawson

When we first set out to write a whitepaper, we planned to create a 10-page download in our spare moments and release it in weeks. We didn’t anticipate it would become a thorough guide, topping 126 pages and including insights from 36 industry experts. But once we started to scratch the surface of digital transformation in B2B eCommerce, we realised there were so many areas that we needed to dive into: marketplaces, user experience, business intelligence… and to leave anything out would do a disservice to our industry.

The experts we interviewed were passionate too. The eCommerce industry in Australia is full of smart people who have a true depth of knowledge and insight, and we were lucky to get such enthusiastic responses. (And our experts weren’t restricted to just Australia — we can’t forget those who wrote to us from as far afield as London, Munich, and Singapore!).

Today we are thrilled to launch the whitepaper for download. Each chapter pulls from Balance Internet’s collective experience and knowledge about B2B eCommerce, a world that we’ve lived in for over a decade now. Managing Director James Horne, who you’ll find giving the welcome on page nine, sold his first product online on a website he built himself in 1996. Today, Balance Internet designs, develops, deploys and supports enterprise-scale B2B eCommerce experiences. The technology has changed and the products are different, but at the core, nothing has changed: it’s all about staying future-focused and keeping the customer front of mind.

The whitepaper is divided into 18 chapters, each focusing on a different area of digital transformation in B2B eCommerce. We look at where we’ve been and where we’re going, include recent stats, give tips you can implement right now, and include a few industry expert insights. 

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New B2B eCommerce whitepaper launched today featuring insights from 36 experts
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