Di Cameron

Documentation is the stuff that few people like doing, but it is also the stuff that everyone calls on when things start straying off course. The discipline of taking the time to commit thoughts and goals in writing is an essential element of effective project management – it makes you think more deeply, holistically and logically, especially when you’re managing stakeholders across the business and external suppliers.

Balance Internet have developed an eCommerce guide for our online retail and eCommerce customers across Australia and the Asia Pacific called AddAlltocart . We have customers through our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Singapore that use Addalltocart to assist in asking the right questions around “Documentation”.

Below is an extract from Addalltocart which outlines 3 of the questions you should consider when addressing these challenges.

1. Who is in charge of producing documentation?
Get clarity amongst your stakeholders (including your suppliers) early on about who is responsible for generating all the required documentation for your project. Often people outline this in a RACI Matrix nominating who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed.

2. How is version control of the documents maintained?
Think about how you will track document changes and save file versions from the outset. File-naming conventions that include version numbers can help with this.

3. Who has final sign-off of the documentation?
Clarity around authority to sign off documentation is essential to keeping the project tracking forward.

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