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Balance Internet is thrilled to be hosting a Forum,  Using Social Media to Generate Sales and Outcomes for your Franchise, in conjunction with the Franchise Council Australia.

Balance Internet has been an active partner and member of the Franchise Council of Australia for 4 years running. Director James Horne said, Balance Internet works with various clients who belong to the Franchise Sector including Forty Winks, Beacon Lighting, Clark Rubber and Horseland. It can be difficult to transition the Franchise model to include an online store and digital strategy, and we have worked with a number of clients to help overcome the blockers and fears associated with a competing online store, allowing Franchisees to see opportunity and embrace the online presence for the better of the Franchise Group.

When: Tuesday 6th May 2014

Time:  8.00 ” 9.30am

Venue:   QPO Cafe© Bar Restaurant

Address:          186 High St, Kew VIC 3101

Parking:           Parking across the road from QPO at Kew Safeway and Leos.

Breakfast:        Light breakfast provided

Price:  Free of charge for members.

The interactive forum will focus on sharing the attendee€™s and brands experiences in the social realm.

A panel of Franchisors, Retailors and social media consultants will outline 5 ways in which you can turn social media activity into tangible outcomes for your Franchise Group.

The forum will focus on:

  1. How to optimise landing pages and improve CTAs for social campaigns.
  2. How to write and create the right content for your social channels.
  3. The right social channels vs all social channels ” where should your Franchise group be focusing their efforts?
  4. Response and communication ” how you should respond to negative feedback and how to use the right tone.
  5. How do your individual Franchisees benefit from your social campaigns? How to localise your social campaigns.

Facilitators & Participants:
David Crothers, Director, Balance Internet
Andrew Waite, Director, Convert Digital
Steve Ramsay, eCommerce Manager, Godfreys

Price: Free of charge for members!

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