Alex Lawson

B2B content has always been a part of the sales process, it just used to look different: an ad in the yellow pages, or sales reps talking leads through product features over a cup of coffee. But today’s world is increasingly digital and increasingly impatient, with more choice than ever before. It’s no longer practical to rely on one-to-one conversations to build your leads.

Digital B2B content gives your brand an entire team of passionate brand ambassadors, all working tirelessly to build relationships, explain key features, and set you apart from the competition. The difference is that this team now comes in the form of social media messages, blogs, whitepapers, product sheets, videos, webinars, and user generated content. Content is your most passionate salesperson (that never takes a sick day or goes to Bali over summer).

Content creation and optimisation takes time and resources, and can sometimes be a slow burn before you see the proof of increase in leads. But it’s worth the investment so that you stay relevant, rank in Google listings, and be the brand your customers trust.

Five Ways to Find Your Content Sweet Spot:

  1. Uncover the underlying needs of your customers, understand their challenges and motivations. Develop content that will meet and address the needs, interwoven with your product or service offering. 
  2. Understand the existing content consumption habits of your customer base — by channel, format, device, time of day, etc. Identify emerging trends and topics your customer base will be most interested in. 
  3. What are your competitors doing? How can you improve on that? 
  4. Undertake original research and gain fresh insights to establish thought leadership and add credibility in your industry vertical. 
  5. Align content with business objectives and brand positioning in the market. Invest time and resource into content, but always make sure it aligns with who you are as a business.

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