Di Cameron

fucntionality design post

If not planned well, testing of the functionality and design of your website can be like trying to herd cats – chaotic, ever moving and furry(?).

But that won’t be you.

Hopefully during your design process you prioritised which devices, operating systems, browsers, browser versions and screen sizes you were going to build to – because it’s almost impossible (not to mention costly) to design to them all.

Balance Internet have developed a Magento eCommerce guide for our online retail and eCommerce customers across Australia and the Asia Pacific called AddAlltocart . We have customers through our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Singapore that use Addalltocart to assist in asking the right questions around “Functionality and Design”.

1) Do you have a clear, signed-off scope document that guides the development of your testing use cases and acceptance criteria?

This should be as detailed as possible, as early in the project as possible. It’s the guiding light throughout your whole project and is worthy of investment of your time and money to get right.

2) Have you defined which browser versions your site will support?

The rate of change of browser versions keeps every web developer and digital manager on their toes! Prioritise which versions of which browsers you’ll support, and expect some site degradation will occur with older browsers. Clearly state on your website which browsers and versions you support, and let your customer service team know too – it will be handy for them to be armed with this information when dealing with customer issues.

3) Do you have a clearly defined functional specification for your website and eCommerce ecosystem, and has this been agreed and signed off by all parties?

It is important for the functional specifications and features of the site to be defined and detailed in the scope of the project. This should be documented and signed off. You should also have a list of out-of-scope items so you know what is not included.

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