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Balance Internet launched the Godfreys website 2 years ago and since, have worked closely with Godfreys to ensure regular improvements are deployed to ensure continual growth in conversions and ultimately revenue.

Recently, Godfreys deployed Celebros Site-Search onto their site to help empower their customers to convert on their site by allowing them to find the products they are searching for even when they are using their own language or unique shopping terms.

Why is site search so important to customers these days? One of the greatest things about site search is that almost everyone is familiar with the concept of being online and starting their journey with a keyword search. How many times have you started your online experience with typing a keyword into Google or a similar search engine? The search results page is one of the most frequented pages of a website and yet all too often is the case that you’ll perform a simple search only to be shown product not found, article doesn’t exist or be served a page of totally irrelevant results. Today’s internet user has very little patience when it comes to this helpless user experience and will usually be off to a competitor’s site within seconds to complete their purchase.

Site Search performance with speed and accuracy can make or break your site search solution. Celebros site search is the only in-memory solution that has all of the sites results indexed and pre-loaded into memory and are guaranteed to be the quickest for returning relevant search results.

About Celebros:

Celebros, Inc. is the global leader in e-commerce site-search, merchandizing and navigation conversion technologies for online retailers. Founded in 2000, Celebros revolutionized e-commerce by creating intelligent, concept-based semantic site-search for online stores. Since that time, Celebros has emerged as the industry leader in conversion technologies, developing a cutting edge search solution that employs the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology available.