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PIM_CommonAttributesWhy Companies need PIM

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly adopting Product Information Management (PIM) systems to rapidly introduce products on single or multiple channels, to enable collaboration of internal and external parties and to ensure that internal data governance processes are followed.

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In this article we will outline what’s involved in eliciting and maintaining common attributes – attributes that are shared by products belonging to all or multiple families.

Eliciting and maintaining common attributes

Common attributes reflect the most important product data that should be maintained across all products within the company. Common attributes also enable the implementation of mechanisms to search/select products by the company customers and internal stakeholders.


This is a core activity for the structured product management and it should be done at the very early stage.


Common attributes define the structure of how product data stored in PIM and how it is used in the destination systems & channels. Delay could cause a significant overhead due to a necessity to rebuild the implementations of the PIM and destination systems.


A common attributes owner must be appointed within the organisation. The common attributes owner communicates to parties involved, collects and analyses the proposals and elaborates the options for making the decision by steering committee.

Common attributes owner works closely with attribute owners within various parts of the company business (product practices, eCommerce, marketing, supply-chain, etc).


  • Collect and analyse the product selection scenarios applicable to various parts of the business, customer groups, sales channels and internal stakeholders
  • Elicit the most important attributes shared across the business
  • Maps the sales channels, internal stakeholders, business value to each of the common attributes
  • Elaborates the proposals for the steering committee
  • Maintains the information


The common attributes owner is a purely internal role for the organisation and external consultant can facilitate the process of refining the information.

PIM Platforms

All above is equally relevant to any mature PIM including products of Informatica, Stibo Systems, Oracle, Akeneo and few others. Due to an inherent flexibility of open source platforms, at Balance Internet we prefer use Akeneo which could be adopted to the needs of almost any business, will continuously evolve with the business and will cost a fraction of any other enterprise PIM.

Should you have any questions on how PIM can bring a competitive advantage to your business, get in touch with Balance Internet, a leading PIM practice in Australia.