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Why Companies need PIM

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly adopting Product Information Management (PIM) systems to rapidly introduce products on single or multiple channels, to enable collaboration of internal and external parties and to ensure that internal data governance processes are followed.

This article continues and extends our previous articles about:

In this article we will outline what’s involved in identification of attributes which are specific to product families.

Product families embellishment


Embellishment of the product families is usually done when ALL of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Common attributes are defined and mature,
  • There is a need to introduce a significant number of attributes, specific to product families (types of the products), and
  • Different completeness rules are applicable to different types of products.

Product families embellishment will be an iterative process that should be revisited before or at the same time with adding product family specific attributes .


Main reasons are:

  • Convenience in product data management (you see only attributes applicable to the selected type of the product)
  • Completeness can be calculated properly taking into account specifics of the product types
  • Product family specific attributes and values will be exported and displayed in the recipient systems


A product family owner must be appointed within the organisation. It could be the same person as a common attributes owner.


  • Identify differences in product data completeness criteria for different types of the products
  • Identify if there are any attributes that will be applicable to different product type
  • Maintain product families information


The product family owner is a purely internal role for the organisation and external consultant can facilitate the process of refining the information.

PIM Platforms

All above is equally relevant to any mature PIM including products of Informatica, Stibo Systems, Oracle, Akeneo and few others. Due to an inherent flexibility of open source platforms, at Balance Internet we prefer use Akeneo which could be adopted to the needs of almost any business, will continuously evolve with the business and will cost a fraction of any other enterprise PIM.

Should you have any questions on how PIM can bring a competitive advantage to your business, get in touch with Balance Internet, a leading PIM practice in Australia.