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Balance Internet are proud to launch the redesigned Country Racing Victoria (CRV) Website on Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 this week. Balance Internet worked closely with the CRV eCommerce and Marketing team to develop a cutting edge eCommerce store allowing consumers to easily purchase tickets to racing events online.

With patrons having the ability to purchase their tickets online for CRV events, the CRV events staff needed the ability to scan patrons into the venue efficiently Rather than CRV investing big bucks on scanning hardware at the gates of each race course, Balance Internet developed an APP that allows for the event staff to scan patrons tickets from the convenience of their own mobile devices scanning a simple code printed on the tickets. The scanning device is able to recognise printed tickets as well as tickets displayed on a smart phone or tablet. On top of this, we redesigned the website and improved its functionality at the back end to ensure the operations staff at CRV could adapt to this change in their eCommerce store seamlessly. To make life easier for the Country Racing financial staff we developed a custom ERP using Sales Force to create a cost effective and easy to use system that all staff can log into and access the relative business intelligence at the click of a button.

CRV plays a prominent role in the heart and soul of Victorian Racing. When you hear the thundering hoofs of the thoroughbred meet the fresh country turf, racing truly comes alive.Country Racing Victoria represents 54 professional clubs ranging from large clubs in the outer metropolitan areas of Melbourne such as Ballarat, Cranbourne and Bendigo to small clubs in rural areas such as Edenhope, Manangatang and Towong.