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Balance Internet developed a custom application for Country Racing Victoria in December that allows their staff to scan physical tickets as well as tickets on mobile devices into their events.

Last year Country Racing Victoria approached us with a problem. They needed a way to check patrons into their almost 60 racing clubs across country Victoria with speed and ease. The other main issue was infrastructure, to install turnstiles to all clubs across Victoria would cost almost millions and that was for the purchase of the hardware alone.

To solve this problem we developed an iPhone application that tapped into their current ERP and pulled the tickets live from the Magneto eCommerce shop front. This gave the patron the ability to purchase tickets at the front gate on their mobile device and scan into the venue with ease. We also added functionality so that gate staff could see the level of current attendance of the event and the amount of guests that where yet to arrive. This gave the event manager the information they needed to place staff in the relevant spots at the right time.

The application has reduced the amount of gate staff that are needed per event, also allowing the patron the ability to purchase tickets up to and during the event, while helping Country Racing Victoria as it sends data back to the ERP for later reporting.