Max Baibakov

The Balance team are back from Magento Imagine, with insights into the Magento Commerce Cloud Roadmap, here are the top five items on the roadmap:

1. Multi-Cloud infrastructure and Azure support

Currently, Magento Commerce Cloud running on AWS, while it is AWS is a great platform, it is still can’t fulfil the requirements of every client. There is a demand to deploy Magento Commerce on Multi-Cloud infrastructure or difference platform which have different locations around globe, security requirements and availability and disaster recovery perspective. Magento Commerce Cloud is innovating in the following area and next item on the roadmap to get the platform compatible with Microsoft Azure which will a great addition to the Magento Commerce Cloud coverage around the globe

2. Intelligent, Horizontal Auto-scaling

Magento Commerce Cloud is planning to deliver a Horizontal auto-scaling feature to all customers in Q1 2020. The feature gives the ability to high-end clients to have flash sales, large campaigns e.g. Boxing Day, Black Friday and etc., without “worrying” of the website ability to handle the spike in traffic.

3. Reduce deployment risk with Safe and Fast Rollbacks

Your team was working hard on the new release, tested and ready to be deployed to production! However, something unexpected happened… I think, everyone been in such situation before… Magento Commerce Cloud platform comes to rescue here and planning to provide tools to reduce deployment risk with an automatic indication of issues during the deployment and stop the deployment process before it lands to production or provide an easy tool to quick rollback to the previous release

4. Log Aggregation and Monitoring

Data is power! There is a number of infrastructure components and Magento Commerce itself is quite powerful to provide advanced logging to report the state of a number of actions and components within the application. However, once it comes to a massive number of logs as well as the growing of the infrastructure and horizontal scaling feature, it is quite hard to read that amount of logs and monitor the application activities! Magento Cloud team comes to rescue here again together with Sumo Logic to integrate the platform into rich Magento Cloud Stack! Sumo Logic has a powerful AI interface, intuitive UI and ability to handle a large volume of data. That will simplify the monitoring activities and been notified of the problem and fix it before your customers will notice it.

5. New Relic Infrastructure

One of the greatest initiatives this year is the implementation of New Relic infrastructure components, that will give transparency to merchants and agency on the load of the infrastructure, components metrics, availability and stability of the system! That has been deployed to all customers around the globe by 23 May 2019.