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So, since it’s widely perceived to be more efficient, what has Magento 2 really introduced in terms of improving digital commerce? How has Magento upgraded and improved an already great platform?

Improved Shopping Experiences

For a business owner, conversion rates and sales are literally two of the most critical metrics in enterprises. All strategies implemented need to directly or indirectly positively contribute to these two. Developers at Magento seemingly took this very seriously and subsequently improved the overall user experience on Magento 2, to boost engagement, conversion rates and sales.

From the Thank You Page, customers can now create new accounts in just a single click, without diverting from the checkout process. Individuals who are already registered however, are exempted thanks to the automatic registered accounts recognition feature. The checkout process has also been redesigned by decreasing the steps that were previously 5, to 2. To further boost your conversion rates, you can conveniently customize the entire checkout flow according to your preferences.

Enhanced Performance and Scalability

Magento 2.0 has been designed to facilitate page load times that 56% faster compared to Magento 1. This, coupled with other performance enhancing tweaks greatly improves a site’s ability to seamlessly handle growing enterprise-level traffic.

One of the approaches taken by developers has seen Magento 2 support MySQL Cluster data shading and multiple slave databases. To facilitate independent scaling that adequately caters for varying load requirements, the platforms also comes with master databases for key subsystems like checkout, product management and order management. Although Magento 1 had adequately fast admin performance, developers still introduced extended backend improvements to boost it responsiveness and overall performance.

Smoother, Quicker Development

These new features would all be pointless without a corresponding architecture that provides stable, flexible ecommerce development. Magento 2 architecture offers unmatched development capabilities that allow merchants to seamlessly build innovative and user friendly digital commerce sites.

You can now embed new features and install upgrades as they are released without extensive technical knowledge and experience. In case of code error, the system will notify you thanks to the new automatic testing feature, which is primarily aimed at improving code quality. With an effectual layout and theming framework, Magento 2 has also simplified the site variation process. You can now adjust to different styles according to your campaign, and possibly even take advantage of the new, more effective API’s to leverage third party solutions.

Going by these developments, it’s safe to conclude that Magento 2 is an extensively improved version of Magento 1, holistically optimized for both users and merchants.

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