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article_img_post_smaller-Magento-SecurityBalance Internet attends the Magento Cyber Security Presentation at Imagine

When it comes to cyber security, we can never be overly precautious. Security breaches are becoming more prevalent, and we need to do everything in our power to fight back. So as soon as we heard there was a presentation at Magento Imagine on cyber security “The Future of Active Magento Cyber Security”, we secured our seats right away.

Let’s start with some facts that make eCommerce attractive to attackers. According to eMarketer, retail ecommerce sales will reach over $2 Trillion dollars in 2017. IOvation notes, Stolen credit card use will reach over $7 billion annually by 2020, and IBM are reporting there is a 26% chance that your company’s data will be breached in the next 24 months.

With all those stats in mind, it’s clear that we all need to be focussing on proactive and reactive mitigation strategies to protect the consumer.

It was with great excitement that Magento then announced The Magento Security Scan. The fact that Magento is offering the security scan tool for free shows their commitment towards a secure future on the Magento platform.

The Magento Security Scan is a useful initiative that should be deployed with numerous other strategies to protect your site. And let’s be honest here – any proactive step that helps put roadblocks between you and your attackers can only be a good thing. You want as many cogs in the wheel as possible to help keep you protected. That’s precisely why Magento continue to improve the overall security of their products.

What we learned about the Magento Security Scan Tool.

As Magento Enterprise partners we were thrilled to learn about the new Magento Security Scan. It’s currently in Beta, and needless to say, we’ve already signed up to test it!

What do we know about the product so far? For starters, it’s 100% free, highly secure and private. The scan also promises minimal performance impact on your website and comes with both a basic and advanced scan. Although it’s not a catch-all solution, it will be an important part of your overall security plan.

The Basic scan is looking at the frontend of the website while the advanced scan is looking at the file structure of Magento. The Scan Report promises meaningful results with links on how to take action.

The Magento Security Scan will give Magento a better insight into a wide variety of installations – including Community Editions (not just Enterprise Edition) – which should translate into faster response times in combating attacks.

What’s more, verification of your site will be required to ensure the results are not publically available, this is to stop attackers using the tool to identify any vulnerable sites.

At Balance Internet, we are continually looking at methods to help fortify our clients’ security. The Magento Security Scan is an incredibly useful tool to help us in this fight, and we’re really looking forward to rolling it out for our clients in the near future.

For more information on the Magento Security Scan or a consultation on your security strategy please contact us or call us on 1300 624 368