Di Cameron


The marketing team will be under considerable pressure to ensure the online store performs well from ‘go live’. The development costs for this project are likely to be significant, and the business will want a quick return on the investment.

Balance Internet have developed a Magento eCommerce guide for our online retail and eCommerce customers across Australia and the Asia Pacific called AddAlltocart . We have customers through our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Singapore that use Addalltocart to assist in asking the right questions around “Marketing”.

Below is an extract from Addalltocart which outlines 3 of the questions you should consider when addressing these challenges.

1. Do you have one or more digital specialists within the marketing team?
The digital landscape is vast and evolving rapidly, and finding people who understand the space and its machinations is imperative to the ongoing success of your online store

2. Do you invest in your marketing team’s learning and development in eCommerce?
Things change often and move fast, and you need to support the people who will drive your sales into the future.

3. Do you have specialised ecommerce marketing experience within the marketing team?
Beyond just understanding the digital landscape, ecommerce marketing experience is vital, and at this point in the industry, hard to come by. Look hard. It will be worth it.

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