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Balance Internet is pleased to announce that they have been selected as one of Australia’s fastest growing start-up companies being selected in the top 100 for BRW 2012 Fast Starters List.

The final ordered BRW Fast Starters list will be published on Thursday April 26 2012. For entrepreneurs and start-up businesses to have qualified for the BRW 2012 Fast Starters List, they must: Have commenced trading after June 30 2007, have reported at least two fiscal years of revenue, had revenue of more than $500,000 in 2010/11, revenue for 2010/11 must be more than in 2009/2010, have more than one main customer and be Australian-owned.

Balance Internet is a web development and digital marketing company that is focused on providing services to traditional bricks and mortar retailers and established brands in the Australian market. Starting out in 2008 as an idea over a Japanese meal between original founders James Horne, Trent O’Sullivan and Ross Tucker, the firm is dedicated to helping their retail, franchise and enterprise clients to continually grow and succeed in their online business. With over 100 years’ combined staff experience in online solutions and ecommerce, Balance have delivered creative, robust and most importantly, increasingly profitable ecommerce sites that integrate seamlessly with their clients existing IT infrastructures.

The internet is the single largest marketplace ever known to mankind. It has evolved dramatically and over the past two years, its power has rapidly increased in scale, size and speed. Australian retail businesses are now accelerating their migration to the internet. This has resulted in the need for experts like Balance Internet to solve a number of critical operational, IT and marketing obstacles.

Director and Solutions Architect James Horne said, “Our success can be largely attributed to the business’s strong dedication to focussing on client outcomes and returns. We also recognise that Australian Retailers have a unique opportunity to embrace online by leveraging their physical store footprint with their online business creating a truly omni-channel customer experience. The recent addition of David Crothers and Malcolm Williams into the ownership structure of the business has given us a very strong strategic and technical offering that means we can solve clients’ often complex business process, system integration and online retailing issues.”

Current owners of the business James Horne, David Crothers, Trent O’Sullivan and Mal Williams all work closely together to deliver a truly one-stop ecommerce solution and with a staff of over “30 digital native” Gen Y’s in tow – also have a lot of fun.

Director and Retail Strategist David Crothers says, “Our success in the Australian market can be contributed to three strategies, first being our long term strategic partnerships with key suppliers, second being our dedication to understanding and solving real problems for traditional retailers and third by employing fantastic smart, young and inspired staff.  We have rolled up our sleeves and decided to defend Australian Retailers against the international raiders. With the Australian and US dollars on parity, consumers are embracing buying online from overseas. They are attracted to the competitive prices, the vast range of products on offer and the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their own home. We are working hard with our client partners to both defend this turf and offensively grow their business.”