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Balance Internet was lucky enough to sponsor the Online Fashion Success Conference in Sydney in early June. The event brought together Fashion eCommerce leaders and thinkers to discuss new opportunities and the current online retail landscape. The day was delivered in three key sessions; insights, innovation and strategy where we heard stories of startup successes, and failures and how industry leaders are innovating the way they approach the online space today. Each session was followed with a panel discussion where the dialogue was open and curious. The central theme of the  day was Amazon entering the market and how the online space was reacting to this disruptor.

Paul Greenberg (Founder & Executive Director, NORA) led one of the first talks of the day where he discussed how Fashion was one of the key verticals that was kicking goals. Jane Lu (Founder & CEO of Showpo) gave a candid talk about her journey from self proclaimed hustler to leader – a role that she was not prepared for. She spoke about the importance of a good business model, embracing change and the power of social media.

The insights session continued with Julie Mathers (CEO/Founder of Flora & Fauna). Flora & Fauna have created a marketplace that focuses on ethics and responsible sourcing as the cornerstones of their business model. She spoke about the importance of being authentic to your offering in this crowded market – and the growth of their business speaks for itself! Ethics and authenticity are key.

Our friends at Bronto continued the morning session where we heard insights on one-to-one marketing and were reassured that consumers haven’t changed – but their expectations have. We see this shift in expectation because Australian shoppers are increasingly more open to shopping internationally, and international consumers are interested in Australian merchants. Kyle Rifkin asked the audience to consider what we’re doing to keep our customers – what does your acquisition and retention strategy look like?

The afternoon sessions kicked off with Ceinwin Evans (Head of eCommerce at Camila) and Jeremy Miltzer (Founder of iChange) continuing the discussion around customer expectation. They focused on customer experience and how every interaction a customer has with a business is important – retail is no place for bad customer experiences; competition is high and public forums are rife with feedback. Ceinwin then spoke about the philanthropic element of Camila’s business model, and Jeremy stepped in to discuss the value of this element; people want to buy from companies that support causes that they believe in. Committed giving and authenticity builds passionate ambassadors.

This was followed by a strategy panel where Amazon was discussed at length. A key point made was that Amazon should be seen as a positive addition to the Australian market, helping raise standards across the board and a great opportunity for collaboration, not competition. Key focus was placed on ensuring your delivery and service offering was competitive and your experience was designed from a customer centric perspective.

The day concluded with Total Retailer 2017 giving some advice on the areas your business should consider investing in, keeping in mind all the disruption the market is set to experience with Amazon coming to town. The key takeaways here looked at opportunities around optimising your mobile experience, investing in big data insights and creating value from this information.

Security was also raised as a top consideration, with more customers experiencing your offering, security remains an ongoing focus for all online retailers.

Balance Internet hosted the drinks after the sessions and we had the pleasure of speaking to partners and retailers on a more intimate basis and sharing some great wine.

Thanks very much to the team behind the Online Fashion Success conference, we’re looking forward to participating again next year!

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