Di Cameron

According to Wikipedia a CRM is defined as:

“Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.”

Let’s say that you are a retailer with an eCommerce site and you use Magento (good call) …or a similar ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce platforms do not provide in-depth reports about your sales and your customer’s behaviour across all your customer facing channels.  They do not allow you to see what your customer is doing right across your multi-channel business in systems such as ERP, POS, eDM, Customer Service, Lead Capture, Live Chat , SMS and over the Phone.

Imagine logging in to one simple to interface and seeing all the information about……

All in one place.

Have they called you, emailed you, bought something in store via POS, joined your VIP program or bought some products online. Just go to your CRM and look it up.

This is why you need #OROCRM. It allows you to aggregate your customer data into one place and then make excellent decisions about your customers, products and services based upon realtime customer data.

As OROCRM is open source …it is high flexible, customisable and scalable.. and the price makes Salesforce look rather expensive.

orocrm 360 view

So lets talk about 6 use cases that demonstrate the power of #OROCRM…

1) Interested in retrieving old customer information from your store’s POS data and create a report? With OROCRM you’re able to get information from 2 years ago and create historical reports that will show you what your top customers were buying and how often.

2) Want to know which products are being abandoned in shopping carts the most? Shopping cart abandonment is a huge concern ….OROCRM has a feature that allows you to have access to the items and the customers who have jumped out the cart and not bought your products. Then you can act in a realtime way and reduce cart abandonment. Close the sale and Increase conversion…bingo.

3) What about understanding the most sold products per season or per store? OROCRM allows you to create a customized product sales reports according to your needs. Combining POS and Ecommerce data to get a true view of sales.

4) Is your Customer Service department struggling? What about integrating Zendesk with OROCM to get all your phone, live chat and email tickets aligned with your customers orders in POS, ERP and eCommerce. OROCRM has a simple Zendesk connector which allows you to integrate and aggregate this data.

5) OROCRM give you the ability to track customers in real-time. That means you can see what they are searching, buying, and how much they are spending. Most reatilers have access to this type of ecommerce information using Google Analytics, however OROCRM extends this analytics into store, online and phone purchases. The holy grail of measuring instore conversion rates is one step closer…now thats a game changer. Ok I am  getting excited …in a geeky way :-). think #IoT instore (i.e. beacons and door counters), google analytics, store locator stats and live chat all syncing in realtime against the timestamp of a retailer offline TV campaign. Oops ads don’t work and we can prove it….ad agency might put me in concrete boots.

6) Another feature of OROCRM is the possibility of creating automated email marketing campaigns. With the tracking system you have access to how successful the campaign was. How about generating a campaign with discounts to customers based on their abandoned products? Or welcome campaign tapping new customers on the shoulder with special personalised offers. OROCRM also registers every interaction you have with your customers, whether it’s by phone or email. You can also integrate OROCRM with EDM platforms like Dotmailer or Mailchimp to really drive sales conversion via EDM.

You probably have three or four systems that can provide you with excellent customer information. But, how about having one key system that has all of these features already integrated? Imagine; Google Analytics, Email Marketing System, eCommerceDashboards, Support Tracking, Customer Interaction, Live Chat, POS and ERP data – all in one spot. That’s the power of OROCRM and retailers around the world are fast starting to realise the power of this aggregated customer data.


Balance Internet is a partner of  OROCRM in Australia and we have executed a number of successful deployments over the last 2 years.

If you would like a free demo please call us on 1300 624 328 or follow the link.