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I make complex user needs into simple experiences.

A Digital Agency That Drives Sales

We’ve been in business since the dawn of the Internet age, and have seen online retail grow, splinter, and regroup like the passing of seasons. We’ve learned countless lessons throughout those 20 years, and we’re here to share that experience.

More than just a web-shop developer, we’re a digital partner, committed to your success, and your vision. We work alongside you to design, develop, and launch retail platforms ready for the world.

Whether you’re starting with a blank slate or want to update an aging platform, we offer a comprehensive range of specialised digital services. From logos and graphic design right through to user experience, backend development, and marketing support, we pride ourselves on our unique, end-to-end client support.

More than just eCommerce specialists, we’re a fully integrated digital agency with clients throughout Australia and South East Asia. Working out of our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane offices, our services include:

• eCommerce architecture and strategy
• Site design
• Magento eCommerce development
• Design and development of product-information management systems
• Technical Magento integration with ERP, POS, CRM, finance & loyalty systems
• Mobile and tablet design and development
Training: Magento and eCommerce
Technical support
• Audits of code and server infrastructure
• eCommerce business consulting:
• Online and omni-channel retail strategy
• Conversion strategy
• Digital marketing strategy
• Site analytics
• Digital marketing strategy for: social media, email marketing
• Multi-channel integration: eBay, shopping channels, Amazon etc.

The design, look, and content you deploy on your website can have a major impact on sales and shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to long-term success. We will work with you to create a strategy and experience that delivers results.

6A. Our Approach / Process

6B. Consultancy Services

Magento eCommerce Consultancy

A successful eCommerce strategy requires both focus and flexibility. Our consultation services can help you optimise your platform and your sales results.


At Balance Internet we have more than 20 years of experience creating eCommerce strategies that drive traffic, maximise sales, and build long-term loyalty. We share this knowledge and our experiences at quarterly strategy workshops with our clients.

More than just discussion forums, these workshops are a chance to get into details, and really understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to eCommerce. Which is why we start each session by reviewing your site analytics and marketing activities – everything from email marketing campaigns and social media, to the performance of your key competitors.

We conclude these workshops with a personalised roadmap for success, and a comprehensive list of functional enhancements you can make to build greater sales.

These activities might include:

• Search engine marketing
• Search engine optimisation
• Link building
Email marketing
• Social media activities across:
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Polyvore, LinkedIn, etc.
• Text and image content development
• Video production
• Channel marketing across:
eBay, Amazon,, Get Price, Westfield, etc.
• Blogs to generate user generated content
• Conversion testing

We will work alongside you to implement these strategies, and are always available to step in and assist in the delivery of your digital marketing.
6A. Our Approach / Process

6C. Content

Content is King

An effective content strategy can help optimise your SEO results, engage your customers, increasing their time on site, and build sales. We can help you get started.


The overall performance of any eCommerce store depends on the quality, quantity, and relevance of its content. Providing customers with comprehensive product descriptions and information, multiple product images, videos and blog posts helps drive traffic to your site and builds trust.

Encouraging customers to participate through reviews, ratings, and social-media can be integrated into the site further enhances your content and the corresponding SEO benefits to your eCommerce store.

Quality content not only engages customers as they research your products, it can help differentiate you from competitors, and turn casual visitors into repeat customers.

6A. Our Approach / Process

6D. Video Production

Video has always been a powerful way to demonstrate product features and benefits while engaging emotionally with customers. It remains a vital tool for any eCommerce business.

Market Research Shows Video Works

“Consumers who view videos on websites are 64% more likely to buy something from the site, and they also tend to spend more time (up to two minutes) on web pages per visit.”

“96% of shoppers who make online purchases have watched online video before buying.”

Source: comScore

Video content offers numerous benefits including:

• Being fantastic for search listing and ranking
• Creating a strong point of difference
• Building your brand, company and professional profile
• Demonstrating product features and benefits
• Delivering the WOW factor
• Communicating technical information
• Being great for customer reviews and testimonials

Balance Internet’s Video Team

The key to successful and powerful video content is fast turnaround and quality work at affordable prices.

To help our client partners achieve this, Balance Internet has built an internal team of video experts capable of providing end-to-end video creation and production services for a fraction of the cost charged by traditional video production companies.

From one initial brief, our team of video professionals will:

• Script one (or more) videos
• Conduct full pre-production planning
• Estimate costs for your approval
• Shoot on your location or in studio
• Edit single or multiple versions
• Optimise the video for online delivery
• Tag and optimise for online search
• Post on YouTube
• Link back for playing from your eCommerce store

Take a look at some of our sample videos below, and please give us a call to discuss your video requirements.

6A. Our Approach / Process

6E. Photography Services

Product Photography

Sourcing professional photos of your products can be expensive and time-consuming. Our product photography services fast track the process and save you money while optimising shots for web use.


Our product photography services are optimised for eCommerce and can be turned around in a matter of days. All shots come resized, watermarked, and ready for upload. Our services include in-store and location photography as well as 3D spin-around photography.

We’ve worked with some of Australia’s largest retailers to produce great-looking images for their sites. If you’re interested in getting high-quality images that help convert and sell you products, please give us a call.

6A. Our Approach / Process

6EF. Agreements and Approach

Our Approach

We take a collaborative approach to our work, partnering with clients to discover their goals and expectations in initial workshop sessions.

Once we understand your business, and what you want to achieve, we can create a roadmap to success. Drawing on our online retail experience and deep understanding of Magento, we will tailer a site and strategy that works for you and your business.

If you are already using the Magento platform we can conduct a code and infrastructure audit to identify how we can improve performance and stability. From this we will develop a schedule of improvements to enhance your site.

Our Agreements

To formalise our working relationship, we provide clients with a Master Services Agreement that acts as an umbrella for our respective responsibilities and expectations.

For major projects we activate a Scope of Work that defines the project and enables us to develop a fixed-price cost estimate for your approval.

For ongoing technical support we activate a Technical Support Agreement that specifies the operational and commercial terms for the required level of support.