Alex Lawson

When embarking on digital transformation in B2B, customer experience needs to be a key focus of your solution architecture from the onset. While often legacy systems can provide some speed bumps along the way, as long as you continually ask ‘what is the best experience for the customer?’ throughout your digital transformation journey, the end result will be a frictionless commerce solution. 

Top tips:  

  • Understand your customers digital requirements and expectations when building out your digital transformation strategy 
  • Know that if you don’t meet your customers expectations you could lose your customers to your competitors
  • Understand the customer experience engagement scale and where your business is situated; embedded, engaged, committed, invested or interested 
  • Make the purchase and buying journey as simple and quick as possible. Consider various ordering channels that meet your customers needs, such as; single sign on, re-ordering, punch-out purchasing, quick ordering via upload, wishlist and catalogue purchasing.

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