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Our good friends the Mayans were born for retail, because retailers pretty much live and die by the yearly calendar.

For many retailers, Christmas is peak trading period, followed by other events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Back to School, End of Financial Year, large-scale sale periods (Click Frenzy, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day), changes of seasons and large sporting events.

Layered over those are business-specific events such as product launches, catalogue publications, businesses’ birthday activities, industry-specific events, sponsorships, charitable involvements, shopping centre/mall events, VIP events the list goes on!

All of these events require teamwork, effective communication, planning, preparation, execution, closeout and measurement.

All of these events will impact your online store and need to be planned for early. It’s imperative that as you go into your website build, the needs of your campaign calendar have been carefully considered.

Top 4 tips to help you plan your yearly Campaign Calendar

1. Do you have a well-documented, yearly campaign calendar that clearly outlines all your online and offline activity by week or by day?
If the answer is no, it’s imperative you create one. Head straight to Excel and get started. We’ll see you in a few hours. If yes, proceed!

2. Do you require different kinds of web store functionality at different times of the year?
For example, you may require digital catalogues, gift finders, promotional pages, video streaming, competition functionality or mini sites that will need to be accounted for in the site design or architecture.

3. Do you have a standardised checklist for all potential digital tactical activity for each campaign on your campaign calendar?
If the answer is no, get back over to Excel and start brain dumping.

If yes, read on, friend, and determine if it captures digital activity such as:

  • Banner changeovers and site messaging on the home page, category pages, checkout pages, and inautomated emails
  • Micro sites and/or content pages
  • Videos promoting the campaign
  • Online photography or artwork requirements
  • Custom-built functionality for the campaign
  • Mobile apps for the campaign
  • Mobile and social participation in the campaign
  • Social media integrations into the site
  • Potential campaign hashtags
  • Campaign competitions (with online entries) and/or special promotions
  • Names of people responsible for each tactic onthe checklist
  • Timelines and due dates for each tactic onthe checklist
  • Centralised access to the checklist by all relevant team members.

4. Do you have regular and timely campaign meetings?
We don’t want to tell you how to suck eggs, but even the best-laid plan is open to change. Set a 3030meeting rhythm for campaign meetings to review proposed activity, and ensure all providers are informed of requirements with plenty of notice.

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