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Popcultcha’s custom extension automating the pre-order Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) update notification process, was launched on Thursday, 21st May.

The latest extension update will enable Popcultcha to update their customers automatically with product arrival changes. This is fundamentally an important extension as previously these updates were done manually for every single product arrival change. Popcultcha have a wide variety and large amount of products, so handling this manually was always a major resource issue.
Popcultcha is a “One-Stop-Shop” that caters for die-hard collectors looking for exclusive, new or back catalogue pieces, browsers, customers looking for that quirky Christmas or Birthday gift, CCG card players, Trading Card collectors and Music lovers looking for merchandise not readily available in your local Record Store.
To build the pre-order ETA extension, Balance Internet Developers created a custom extension with a scheduled script to run an automated e-mail notification to customers based on orders with product changes. A new e-mail design was also implemented which pulls personalised data for each customer (eg order numbers, product names and custom dates).

Main Features of the ETA Extension:

  • Customised back end interface to allow listing of all orders that contain changes or product ETA’s.
  • A script is run daily, which notifies each customer with an order that includes a product with a changed ETA.
  • Customised e-mail template design was created. This e-mail is personalised and includes custom dates of ETA’s, Product SKU’s, Product Names and Order Numbers.


Pre-Order Products in Popcultcha contain ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) dates, which dictates when the product will arrive and be ready for shipment to customers. Prior to the implementation of the extension, Popcultcha manually ran reports individually for the orders with products where the ETA date had changed and then notified the customers by e-mail that their product had a new ETA date.

Balance Internet’s Extension automated this process from the change of product ETA. As soon as the product ETA has been updated, the extension queues all orders that includes this product into a custom interface. Every day, a script is scheduled to send a personalised e-mail to all customers with these orders – to notify them of the ETA change. The customised interface also displays if the customer has been sent an e-mail, allowing filtering.

Project Outcome:

The automated process has allowed Popcultcha staff to spend more time on other items rather than manual export of product updates to customers. In the first 24 hours, over 200 orders have automatically been collected and customers notified.

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