Di Cameron

Digital marketing

The success of your Magento site will be greatly impacted by your digital marketing strategy.

Successful eCommerce takes strategic thinking, dedicated staff and budget, creativity, patience, grit and a good deal of stamina. Your digital marketers will carry with them the responsibility of your online store, your online reputation and your online voice 24×7.

If you’re a digital marketer it’s very hard to ‘clock off’, because you don’t shut the doors of your online store at 5pm.

Research, consider and plan your digital marketing strategy as best you can at this moment in time. And be prepared to review it regularly or even daily.

Top 5 tips by James Horne, Managing Director of Balance Internet to help plan your Digital Marketing, Brand & Content:

1) Who is the ultimate decision maker for design and brand representation of the website?
Be clear very early on about who will make the final decisions concerning site design and user experience. If it’s not you, is it the digital marketing manager? Is it the CMO? Or the CEO? Know early and be prepared. Try to ensure it’s someone who actually knows about user experience and usability design and not just about printed brochures

2) Do you have a digital marketing strategy?
For one year? For three years? With a dedicated budget allocated? And a staff roadmap?

3) Do you have brand guidelines and/or a style guide for the digital representation of your brand?
If the answer is yes, go past go. If the answer is no, perhaps use this project as an opportunity to develop them

4) Who is producing content for the website, social channels, marketing campaigns and PR activities?
Content includes text, video and images, banners, buttons, other digital assets like eBooks, catalogues and custom pages. Resourcing your content production teams will be essential to getting your project over the line and operating successfully over time. Content is one of the most underestimated and stressful parts of ecommerce projects. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

5) Which social media channels will you participate in?
Social media is not a fad, and your customers and potential customers are using it every day. Carefully consider the power social media has to offer your business to drive traffic, service customers and deepen engagement

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