Di Cameron

product pricing

The pricing of the products on your site is important for a number of reasons. The complexity of your eCommerce ecosystem – particularly integrations with finance and ERP systems – is affected directly by your product pricing, discounting, freight, and promotional and sale/clearance pricing. It is important to establish your pricing policy now and into the future based upon every possible commercial and marketing campaign approach.

Balance Internet have developed an ecommerce guide for our online retail and ecommerce customers across Australia and the Asia Pacific called AddAlltocart . We have customers through our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Singapore that use Addalltocart to assist in asking the right questions around “Product Pricing”.

Below is an extract from Addalltocart which outlines 3 of the questions you should consider when addressing these challenges.

1. Do you have varying product pricing dependent on customer market or location?

The same product having multiple prices based upon location or country adds complexity to the build and ongoing maintenance of the site.

2. Will you be showing discount or special pricing on the website? If so, how?

It is important how you choose to display discounted prices (‘was’ price/‘now’ price). How discounted prices are displayed on your site can impact conversion rate. Remember, however, you may need to comply with local competitive pricing legislation.

3. How often will prices be changed or updated, and what will be the process for making the change?

Prices need to be updated regularly. Think about how the workflow for updating prices will be done (via an automatic bulk upload or manually), when it will be done, and how long it will take.

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