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Looking for an eCommerce platform that is both responsive and intuitive? Need an effective and flexible admin interface that boasts a modern design and is oh so friendly to the touch? Look no further than Magentos’ newest offering, Magento 2.

At Balance Internet we love Magento and have been working with the platform since 2008. Magento 2.0 put simply is the next step in a great journey and we love it. Wether you are looking to upgrade your existing Magento site or looking to migrate from another platform : do yourself a favour and ask us for a demo of Magento 2.

From merchants and retailers to customers and administrators, the Magento eCommerce solution is the strategy of choice for over 240,000 sites worldwide. A next generation open-core digital commerce platform, Magento 2 is even more simplified and supports a fully responsive and elegant navigational interface where operational efficiency and enhanced performance meet.

So as store owners, administrators and managers, what can you expect? In your quest for market domination and the full engagement of your customers, how can this exceptional eCommerce platform boost sales and conversions, build customer loyalty and deliver innovative shopping experiences across all touchpoints?

Well take a look at these 5 ideas…

#1. Responsive & Intuitive, Why Wouldn’t You?

Wave farewell to the interface of old, as the new improved admin user interface of Magento 2.0 has the eCommerce world abuzz! Our project manager and developers at Balance Internet – well they love it ! Retail website administrators, managers and store owners alike can discover a creative, user-friendly experience focused on operational efficiency with features including:

  • Configurable columns
  • Keyword search
  • Custom views
  • Drag and drop column reordering
  • Expanding filters
  • Enhancing usability and accessibility, the main navigation has been placed vertically to the left, creating more space for content
  • A fully customisable admin panel for merchant users
  • Customisable and saveable views
  • Touch friendly and fully responsive design
  • Improved user experience, faster functionality and increased flexibility

#2. Creative Customisation at your Fingertips

The architecture of Magento 2 enables all users to bring products to market in real time while delivering innovative and engaging shopping experiences that convert. So as we strive alongside you enhancing brand recognition and increasing ROI, this customisable admin user interface allows you to:

  • Creatively customise the flexible admin interface to operate at an optimal capacity for multiple users


  • Enables the user to select columns, reordering them via drag and drop which makes for seamless merchandising of product catalogues. Ideal for users with larger catalogues and multiple merchandisers


  • Customise product creation wizard/interfaces, expanding your eCommerce capabilities


This new user admin interface empowers you to deliver revenue through improved productivity, superior scalability and a comprehensive product management strategy. Foster an unrivalled performance as you:

  • Update product cross-sells, up-sells and comparable products with multiple values per user
  • Import multiple images from both local and external sources
  • Import multiple customised options in a single row
  • Simplify the importation of configurable products, brands and prices

#3. How Does the Merchant Benefit?

So with new code, comes new possibilities! Delivering powerful functionalities, Magento 2 delivers a brilliant customer experience – and we have had the feedback already. Boasting increased stability and state-of-the-art technology, Magento have reimagined there high performing eCommerce platform to meet the demand and exceed the expectations of merchants worldwide. As a merchant you can:

  • Through enhanced responsive and intuitive design, monitor your eCommerce store from anywhere, on any platform or device with a fully mobile solution
  • Create customised views, that layer your requirements such as pending orders, products without inventory, keeping you fully aware of site performance and need
  • Tangibly improve your productivity and decision making with the transparent, customised viewing capacity that includes the new product creation wizard/interface and the high performing import/export functionality

#4. Easy for Developers and Partners – What Magento 2 Means for Us

Make a digital statement with the highly intuitive Magento 2. Echoing in a new era of commerce design and capability, this revolutionary platform enables developers and SI partners like the team at Balance Internet to concentrate our efforts on upskilling your staff and assisting in the improvement of sales and operational efficiency rather than on systems training. Designed to position your brand and business, Magento recognises that your success is our success and empowers you to drive your team where the outcome is greatest.

#5. Customer Outcome delivers Conversion

Fast and seamless online shopping experiences, fluid user-friendly interfaces both responsive and aesthetically pleasing, mobile browsing that leads to conversion, faster site performance with vibrant intuitive design; these are just a sample of the potential outcomes awaiting your customer base as you integrate with Magento 2. Building your brand and business while increasing customer loyalty with premium products, we assist you in creating an online retail experience that inspires and rewards. Now throw in a blend of brand awareness and increased ROI and we’ve got a digital strategy waiting for you!


Call the team at Balance Internet today if you would like a demo of Magento 2 on 1300 624 368.