Di Cameron


From the outset we’ve said that getting your content produced, prepared, uploaded, SEOed and checked takes a lot of work – and it doesn’t matter if you’re importing it from an existing site or creating it from scratch. It’s still a lot of work.

Balance Internet have developed an eCommerce guide for our online retail and eCommerce customers across Australia and the Asia Pacific called AddAlltocart . We have customers through our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Singapore that use Addalltocart to assist in asking the right questions around “Preparing Content”.

Below is an extract from Addalltocart which outlines 3 of the questions you should consider when addressing these challenges.

1. Do you have a sitemap?
Hopefully, as part of your scoping activities, you’ve outlined a sitemap. You need a sitemap in order to start gathering your content.

2. Do you have a content map?
Based on your signed-off sitemap, navigation structure and visual design, create a map of all the content required for your site. This includes text, images, videos banners, .pdf’s, form fields, subdomains, and buttons required on every page of your website and email program.

3. Do you have clearly defined roles around who is expected to produce and upload your content?
Share your content map with your agency and ensure you’re both on the same page about who is responsible for what content in the new website. Double-check that you both have the same expectations about the timelines for content production and population. Put names and deadlines next to each line on your content map, and refer to this map in your project management meetings.
Be sure to supply your agency with relevant company style guides for any content they may be producing, to ensure consistency.

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