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Google Analytics“Inspect what you expect” is a value that has been drilled into many managers and leaders throughout their career.

Google Analytics gives us a window into exactly how people arrived at your Magento website, what they did when they got there and how they left your website.

We can “inspect” their interaction very closely.

Below are 4 areas of Google Analytics that Aaron Chidley, Balance Internet’s Melbourne Senior Account Manager recommends retailers to use when analysing Google Analytics data:

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1. Audience Overview:

It is not a fluke that the first page you’re directed to on analytics is the Audience Overview (unless you have a custom dashboard setup of course). The audience overview shows the number of users that hit your site (by default in the last month), the average pages per session, average duration that a user spends on your site, the bounce rate, percentage of new sessions and the new vs return visitor percentage.

This single screen gives an insight to what people are doing when they’re on your site.

So people came to your site, how did they get there?

2. Acquisition Overview:

Will show you the top “channels” that drove traffic to your site. Here we get details of referral traffic, various types of search traffic (organic or paid), direct, social, display etc. This screen gives an insight of how people found you. It could give you an indication of which channel you want to focus on to get more quality traffic.

They come to your site, do they do what you want them to do?

Conversions – Ecommerce Overview:

We assume you’re an online retailer and the main goal of your website is to sell things online. Here you will see an overview of your ecommerce conversion rate, number of transactions, the revenue generated, average order value, number of unique purchases and the quantity of items purchased.

All well and good if the main goal of your website is to sell things, however we support many omni-channel retailers who want to drive bricks and mortar store traffic too. For these clients we setup and focus on website goals.

Conversions – Goals Overview:

Typically we setup goals around things like clicking and use of the store locator, for lead generation websites, submission of an enquiry, adding a product to cart, completing checkout etc.
During the checkout process alone, we measure the users interaction (via events) on every aspect of the checkout, we monitor events on adding text to the first name field, surname, all of the steps right up to clicking on the all important PLACE ORDER button. This data allows us to see exactly where people are abandoning checkout and can give us insight on where we can make strategic changes to the checkout process.

“Inspect what you expect” your website. It is vital to continually improving your online offering. Measuring the success and understanding behaviours is one of the many ways that Balance Internet continually improves our clients websites.

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