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When it comes to choosing a platform for your eCommerce site, the landscape and options can be daunting, overwhelming and somewhat confusing. Choosing a platform that works well for you and your business is like laying down the foundations for a successful bricks and mortar store – you don’t really want to have to do it again.

At Balance Internet, we have hands on experience running our own online retail businesses, we don’t just develop sites – we operate them. We’ve summarised some of the key reasons why we chose Magento as our eCommerce platform and why we would recommend Magento to you.

All the Bells and Whistles

Given Magento has now been deployed by hundreds of thousands of retailers and sites worldwide, the Magento team fully understand what retailers want and need. Where other platforms require heavy customisations or have strict limitations for retailers, Magento offers a huge suite of out of the box eCommerce features and functionality that you will immediately benefit from. From upsells and cross-sells, through to supporting multiple payment gateways Magento has you covered. Unlike some other platforms, they also make it easier for you to ensure your webstore is SEO friendly by supporting sitemaps, URL rewrites, meta titles and meta descriptions, all out of the box.

For a full list of Magento features and functionality please follow the link

You may start out with only needing the bells but as your business grows and wants the whistles too Magento can be extended, customised and scaled to meet your growing requirements.

Come in, We’re open!

As Magento is built in open source PHP, so there is room for extensive customisation as well as integration with other platforms, ERP’s, CRM’s, PIM’s etc should your business require this. The development work to customise or integrate the platform can be done by any proficient Magento developer as the code is not encrypted.However, Balance Internet would recommended that only Magento Certified Developers work on your codebase to ensure quality and consistency.

Call Security!

Security is a key focus for Magento and is continuously monitored and addressed. Each new version of the platform that Magento releases includes Security improvements to ensure they are always on top of the game. Security breaches and compromises are constantly changing as hackers and cyber criminals change and adapt to make their way around barriers in place. Magento work tirelessly to stay ahead and combat these attacks and ensure merchants are protected.

One Big Happy Family

The Magento Community is the world’s largest eCommerce application marketplace. Essentially, if you want specific functionality that is not in the core of Magento, it is highly likely it has been built before and an extension exists in the Magento Connect Market place.

The support offered through the Magento Community and from Magento themselves is unparalleled and a huge benefit, particularly for those running their first online store or aiming for the sky with complex integrations and functionality.

Ready to take the plunge?

Balance Internet have been working with Magento since it’s conception in 2007 and were responsible for deploying the first Magento Enterprise license in Australia. We are a Magento Gold partner and work very closely with the team from Magento, both in Australia and at HQ in the US. If you’re interested in learning more about Magento or joining the 60- retailers and businesses Balance Internet have built and support on Magento, please get in touch.