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Looking to increase productivity and increase the quality of your product content offering? Manage large numbers of products across multiple sales channels and locations both efficiently and quickly? Of course you do!

Allow us to introduce Product Information Management (PIM) systems, which were created to allow structured, efficient and collaborative product management across all sales channels. Whilst there are multiple PIM systems available from Informatica, Stibo, Oracle and others, at Balance Internet we deploy the innovative Akeneo PIM. The Akeneo PIM was developed by a group of eCommerce specialists including an ex-CTO of Magento, and therefore is the perfect complement to Magento Commerce product suite. Akeneo PIM provides a centralised product data repository that allows your company to maintain the integrity of product data for all sales channels and languages, collect and consolidate product and reference data, and distribute it to the destination systems. Similarly to Magento, Akeneo PIM is an open-source product that enables formation of a wide community and also allows continuous alignment of the product with the evolving needs of your company.

So why would you integrate PIM and Magento? What benefits are to be found? And how does it increase the capabilities of the Magento platform?

What is a PIM (Product Information Management) system?

A PIM system provides a single repository of all product content and serves as a platform for collaboration of internal and external stakeholders using standardised processes as defined by a corporate data governance framework. It is also designed to:

  • Support collaboration between all relevant staff members and external parties
  • Provide businesses with the technology to increase product data quality
  • Enable the user to customise more relevant content in response to the consumers’ needs and expectations
  • Consolidate internal product data such as ERP’s, data warehouses, operational systems, websites etc.
  • Consolidate data provided by product data aggregators such as GS1, Icecat, CNet, SKUVantage and others
  • Is time efficient as it prevents duplication of efforts required for optimal product management

What are the Benefits of Integrating PIM with Magento 2.0?

Fostering collaboration within the company itself, the integration will also ensure the delivery of rich, current and consistent product content across all sales channels. Both from a UX and backend perspective, it works to maintain the integrity of content while reducing effort and costs associated with the management of the product throughout its life cycle. Playing Robin to Magento’s Batman, Akeneo PIM complements the open-source ecommerce platform by providing:

#1. A Crucial Product Data Governance Instrument

PIM offers maximum transparency on all data manipulations made both manually and automatically. It allows review, validation and publishing processes and workflows, aligned with corporate policies to ensure premium data quality.

#2. Simplifies the Process of On-boarding Vendors & Suppliers

While allowing integration with vendor feeds, this intuitive software solution also allows direct access to Akeneo PIM via Supplier Portal for product data management for further verification and quality control.

#3. Have Large Data Volumes? No Problem!

Akeneo PIM supports millions of products, multiple channels, catalogues and thousands of attributes and product families.

#4. The Akeneo Connection

At Balance whilst we can integrate Magento with other PIM systems our preference is to integrate using the Akeneo PIM. Developed by an ex CTO of Magento, it has been designed to be very consistent with the Magento platform, as it is both open-source and written in PHP.

#5. Need to Aggregate and Consolidate Product Data?

Of course you do! Gather your product data from the various channels and apply predefined business processes to deliver the optimal content with the least effort. Supporting premium data quality, it allows automated and manual processes to come into effect to ensure the highest quality product data available.

Streamline your product data offering with Akeneo PIM and Magento 2.0 delivered by Melbourne’s Magento and PIM Specialists, Balance Internet.

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