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Balance Internet launched a redesigned home page for Wittner Shoes earlier in 2013. As a leading Australian retailer, Balance Internet has worked with Wittner to develop a social media strategy that both engages their customers and improves conversion on their Magneto Enterprise Website.

Wittner uses social media to engage their customers in various ways and on various platforms. To utilize customer engagement directly through their website, Balance Internet looked at different ways to feed sales through their Social Media. Wittner centres their digital marketing on bloggers promoting and endorsing their product as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest.

Instagram is a highly visual medium where users share photos and videos online. To ensure that their Instagram strategy would provide Wittner with measureable ROI rather than pure engagement and brand awareness, Balance Internet developed an extension that pulled product data through the live Instagram feed. The Instagram Feed Extension presents an image uploaded by Wittner with(and if the image is associated to a product) a shop now call to action. Clicking this will take the consumer through to the product featured in the image. The extension displays the 10 most recent images uploaded to Instagram. The feature is embedded in the front of Wittner’s ecommerce store, and contributes to the tabloid style that has become the trend for most fashion retailers online.

In addition to the Instagram Feed Extension, Balance Internet also developed a live feed that shows the most recent purchases online made through The Feed pulls through the 10 most recently purchased products; and also includes the customer’s location. The products featured in the feed are clickable and will lead the customer to the product page.

Balance Internet’s 10 rules for using Instagram for Businesses:

  1. Balance fun images with pictures of your products, brand and employees.
  2. Inspire your clients through imagery by posting photos that are relevant to your brand and potential customers.
  3. Cultivate a Following
  • Here is our 3 helpful tips for getting more followers on Instagram:
    • Connect your Facebook account
    • Use relevant, popular hashtags
    • Engage by following others and liking their photos
  1. Follow your followers back.
  2. Generate a flexible posting plan ” you do not need to post every day. The €˜feed speed’ on Instagram is still mostly laid back and quite slow.  If you start posting a lot, you might saturate your followers’ feeds, and you don’t want to force yourself into the noise too often. Decide what you have ready to post and create a schedule to help you remember what to post when.
  3. Leverage photo contests on Instagram ” You can create a competition by using hashtags to organize submissions and an RSS feed to follow along with new photos as they’re added.
  4. Promote your business on both Facebook and Instagram – Instagram and Facebook  offer brands a unique opportunity for promotion sharing content and promotions.
  5. Video important brand moments – Capture your company’s important moments in 15-second videos and share them with your followers so they feel included.
  6. Expose something new – Shares a photo about a product that will not be available for a few hours or about a sale that will start later in the week.
  7. Use the content in your Blog.