Product Information Management (PIM) System is software designed to centrally manage product data by assisting retailers, wholesalers and merchants to centralise and harmonise all the technical and marketing information related to their products.

The purpose of a PIM from a technical perspective is to extract, manage & prioritise data to/from different sources.

The purpose of a PIM from a functional perspective is to assist in translating and enhancing the product information.


A PIM will enable you to extract data by:

  • Collecting data from existing sources like your ERP or your suppliers databases
  • Cleaning and choosing the data you want to integrate to your catalogues
  • Defining priorities between different data sources

Once your data is collected you will be able to enrich the content by:

  • Enriching your products with marketing or technical data
  • Classifying your products and associating them to one or several catalogues
  • Translating your data to multiple languages
  • Managing the lifecycle processes of your data (workflows and audits)
  • Controling the quality of your data (completeness, duplicates)

Finally you can easily distribute to any channel via:

  • Management of multiple sales channels (e-commerce, print, mobile applications, social networks, marketplaces, etc.)
  • Selection of catalogues and data you want to distribute through each channel
  • Sending data to web-to-print softwares to create your printed catalogues

You need a PIM if you:

  • Deal with strategic product catalogues (big number of products, complex combinations)
  • Want or need to centralise your data for every sales channel
  • Struggle to control the quality of your data (duplicate control, completeness)
  • Have multiple spreadsheets that you use to manage your product information

A PIM will manage:

  • Marketing data (descriptions, labels, media assets)
  • Users data (comments, rates)
  • Technical data (measures, composition, identifiers)
  • Prices
  • Logistics data

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