While Magento has always had strong B2B capabilities with the release of Magento Commerce v2.4 comes an extensive suite of out-of-the-box functionally specifically developed to meet the more complex requirements of merchants selling to other businesses. Magento is now acknowledged by independent industry authorities like Gartner and Forrester as a leading B2B commerce platform.

Magento Commerce enables B2B merchants to increase sales through the combination the standard Magento-consumer oriented functionality like mobile responsive, powerful merchandising and promotions, drag and drop content and campaign management plus an extensive suite of specific B2B relevant features.

Allowing customers to:

  • Order by SKU
  • Order from requisition lists,
  • Re-order from previous orders or saved lists,
  • Request quotes
  • Order on account or split payments between account and credit card
  • Empowering customers with self-service tools to manage:
  • Multiple corporate and individual accounts
  • Buyer roles and permissions
  • Payment level authority
  • Tracking of quotes and orders
  • Account history

Providing merchants with the ability to:

  • View inventory across multiple locations and warehouses
  • Create custom catalogues and price lists
  • Segment and target offers
  • Create tailored sites for brands, geographies, channel partners or customers

We have extensive experience in architecting, designing, developing and supporting numerous Magento B2B platforms for business with complex product types and structures, multiple price books, contract pricing and multiple customer types and permissions.

We love the challenge of making the complex … simple, by developing high performing B2B platforms on Magento.

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